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My boyfriend was arrested for failing a probation urine test. He is on felony probation until 2016 for burglary in the 2nd and poss of a controlled substance in the 1st. He has been in jail for 2 months and is going to court in a week for his revocation hearing. What are the chances of him serving out his time? I believe when he got in trouble he had to wear a bracelet, was on house arrest and went through treatment. I also think this is his 2nd failure of a urine test. He has an attourney through legal aid but I don't think he will see him until his court date. He is not a repeat felony offender and these are the only serious charges he's gotten which I know are bad enough. He is seeing the same judge he saw for the felonies as well. I'm praying he won't have to serve out his time!
The judge could revoke all or part of the original probated sentence based on a violation of the terms of his probation....
Was charged as driving under the influence as a minor.
No -- it never falls off. The points you received, however, roll over every year.
Program in Dearborn County Indiana
You need to contact a criminal defense attorney in IN to represent you, if the criminal charge is pending there. An...
My question involves criminal law for the state of: KY and AZ The situation is very complicated , hope you will help me. My friend had a warrant from AZ and got arrested 2 month ago he lives in KY, after postig a bond he got out and we found a lawyer, we took it to a court without knowing that he has to leave to AZ one way or another. The lawyer did not let him know that he got extradition warrant and AZ is waiting for him, the only thing lawyer was saying that everything is fine and he talks to agents in AZ. After we realized that something is wrong with the lawyer becouse we did not even knew what he got charged with in AZ (what we knew it was drug charges a). After we changed the lawyer in 2 days he got arested with governors warrant and they searched the home and found rolled marihuana cigarette and 5 gram of it. So we was waiting for AZ to come and get him from jail but he got charged in KY for selling drugs in school zone, now I dont know what to do, to fight felony here but it can take up to 7 month per his lawyer and he is still in jail becouse there is no bond for him for governors warrant, or accept felony and go to AZ and fight the case there but with felony in KY he might face 5-6 years in AZ per lawyer and we do not even know what AZ has on him or what charges there are, nobody can figure it out. So whats the best way for us?
A governor's warrant does not just appear. There have to be some sort of extradition proceedings (at least a waiver)....
she was arraiged.. 2 weeks later was her first court date the officer was not ready for court he forgot his notes and evidance and it was pushed out 4 weeks ..ive been told that my wife has the right to a fast and speedy trial and the officer should have been ready and my wifes attroney should have asked for a miss this correct..was she missrepresented by her attroney
Wow. An attorney is going to need a lot more information before telling you that another attorney engaged in...
I had large meal before being pulled over. Also i had the officer take me for a blood test.
If you are simply looking for reassurance then coming here and asking a question like that makes some sense. If you are...
Currently being treated by chemo & radiation. Drove his vehicle until a flat tire was down to the rims. Released on OR the next morning. Also had no proof of insurance. Time of arrest 1:30 a.m.
He can but he will need to have an attorney present in his stead.