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Can a blank (unfilled) Temporary Moving Permit (1 day) placed on a dashboard covering VIN justify Police impound when parked?
Moving permit from DMV was placed on dashboard, but unfulfilled, on a vehicle legally parked on a public street. PD impounded on basis that: no current tags visible and vehicle not registered for last year (according to DMV database printout). PD Report acknowledges unfilled permit. Is there any remedy?
We would need more information to see if there is some legal action that you could take. However, I am guessing that...
What happens if you have a dui already and get a ticket for under age drinking.
What happens since you broke probation.
You may be remanded into custody, you could face being fitted with a SCRAM device for many months, you could be ordered...
I have a DUI in California I'm about to move to Georgia what should I do
In California the new law is your first offense you need a breathalyzer in your car I do not have a car so I have never installed one into a car how will that affect me when I moved to Georgia what I mean will I be able to get a car install a breathalyzer in Georgia or will I have to do it in California for it to get off my record
re-post under GA law and you may get more helpful info. I'm re-classifying as criminal defense to help you as well...
Will I still need to get an SR22?
My license was suspended in 7/2013 for my blood alcohol being barley over the legal limit. I was convicted of reckless driving, but license got suspended because of BAC for 9 months. I haven't driven or tried to get my license back at all since. It's been 3 yrs. Will I still need to have an SR22 if I get my license back now even after 3 yrs? I live in CA. now, but the suspension happened in Colorado.
Hate to tell you this, but you need to go visit the DMV and see what they say. Expect them to want an SR-22 and...
2 dui
I've had 2 bench warrants for dui and I didn't go to court , both are misdemeanors its been 2 years since it happened I just never went to court if I go with an attorney can I get detained.
We've answered your question before in a slightly similar form. You could be remanded.
I got. Dui but I feel asleep in my car but the keys were in the invention and my car was parked in front of my house
first time offense
Ok, so it sounds like you need an attorney but you didn't ask a question here.
Am I able to register a car I just bought from a friend, without having to install an IID due to husbands 3rd dui conviction ?
TRUE OR FALSE?? Somebody PLEASE clarify! Google is just NOT helping. I have different people telling me that I am NOT going to be able to register it. My husbands license is suspended indefinitely. He has NO access to my car, so why should I have to suffer without a car??
I think you can register it without installing the IID, but verify this with the DMV directly. You do not want him to...