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My son was charged with a felony two yrs. ago - it involved drinking and he assaulted an individual who also was drunk -
He has no prior felonies and none since then - does this disqualify him from receiving a passport - we are planning a trip next year to St. Thomas or Jamaica and would like him to go with us.
Was he convicted? Did he entered a guilty plea? These 2 scenarios have different ramifications than being charged...
Just got arrested for DUI while on unsupervised Probation,how does this effect my probation?
I am on unsupervised probation for one year for menacing and resisting arrest both misdemeanor A. All my paperwork says is no further criminal offenses for year while on probation.Is DUI a criminal offense?
DUI is definitely a criminal offense and it is likely to result in a violation of your probation, whether it is...
How do I know if I will be charged with a DUI or not?
I was pulled over last night, but not arrested. I participated in the field sobriety tests and completed them without issue, but blew a .101. The officer said that he did not have enough to arrest me and let me get a cab home, and that is all of the information I have. I am not sure if just because they could not arrest me means that they will not be able to charge me. Is it possible for me to still receive a charge?
Yes. If the prosecutor brings a charge you would receive a summons and complaint at a later date. If you are charged...
Should I have lost my license?
I was arrested for a DUI. Before the charges were filed as a DUI in court it was dropped down to a reckless driving. Instead of it being filed with the court as a DUI it was filed as a reckless driving. At the administrative hearing for my license they decided to suspend it. Can they do that?
yes they can and did . best to ask your lawyer why and how? You did have a lawyer right?
How can I get my license back? Where do I start to get Indiana off my ass they also fined me for no insurance I was in North?
I was convicted of my third DUI in North Dakota as I applied for my license which the said was good Indiana hit me with ten years habitual because my first 2 DUI where there is that not double jeapordy How can Indiana do that I was literally getting ready to take test bought insurance sr22 really What can I do?
Each state has its own laws about DUI and subsequent driver's license suspensions and revocations. If Indiana is...
Can they convict on dui if I was not driving but behind da wheel asleep
I had taken some pain pills for a severe toothache while driving...I started to feel real nauseous pulled over and passed out...I was awoken by a police officer and arrested for allegedly being under the blood test
Yes. If you had the ability to manipulate the controls of the vehicle you could still be convicted of being in "Actual...
Got pulled over for a suspended license, how do I avoid jail time?
I got pulled over for expired tabs. I have a suspended license. I didn't get arrested. I got a Summons To Court which I must appear for. In a moment of panic I told the officer I got my license back a few months ago and in reality I did not. My license is suspended for a DUI from a few years ago. I will pay fines and do whatever I need to just to avoid going to jail for even a day. It was a stupid move on my part to get behind the wheel. It's my first time getting pulled over with a suspended license. What am I to expect come time to go in front of the judge? Any advice will help! Thanks!
All you can do is hire an attorney to negotiate your case or ask for a public defender.