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I am on formal probation and have been compliant. How can I transfer probation to another state? Thanks!
1 DUI where I am on probation and I am deferring a DUI I got before I was on probation in a different county. I have no felonies.
Your probation will remain in the county where your DUI is. You can do the treatment where you move to be the...
Question about DUI assessment challenge with 2nd 3rd opinions
REF my question to the doctors on this site. the result caused me to go MANIC like you would not believe - took the assesmnet he said IN patient dual diag..nope cuz i had shrinks for 12 years until i said no to that went to a Nuerologist and found out about the brain stuff..(hyper perfusion from hypo (techie) the doc chilled me out. now i find that the guy is running a racket, financials al sorts of stuff after interviewing a 15+ folk w/direct experince in his billing and drunk consulers. can i get a couple from other QUALIFIED assesment folk and take that to the court (incident feb '10) to challenge his? -thx can't affor to lose anymore brain power. I am considering getting depositions and sending to TV stations to blow off his racket i chatted with pros - thanks guys
If you got an alcohol/drug evaulation that has been filed with the court that you disagree with or think is inaccurate,...
How can i ask for a continuance on a dui trial so i can get a lawyer now that i have court date is tomorrow? thanks
i got a dui on island count my fourth (according to the hearing judge the others were so far back they can't be used in this matter), there are issues and i would prefer to use a lawyer and not a defense lawyer assigned to me by the i would like to get a continuance. i was at my office with my dog assembling furniture and setting it up i drank a six pack over 5 hours went home in the rain 3 doors from the house i lost it on a hill (pickup truck light rear end) hit a tree totaled the truck...they found less than an ounce of weed in the truck (didn't smoke it cuz it was my office but i had it with me) and my dog, i refused the breath test at the jail but the took one roadside....i was illegal.....
I don't practice in your state but you should contact the county bar association and get a pro bono (free) lawyer who...
I received a ticket in absentia with a heading cc. What does that mean?
DUI(bs of course) judge lay down a penalty of $8.60 a month. I pay it off. Then I find out I can't get liscenced cuz I've got a conviction about a "cc"...blah,blah,blah
You have not provided enough information to sort out the issue. The "cc" could mean anything. Without reviewing your...
Do i need a lawyer on my first court date on a dui
2cd dui in 2 years part health problems
Absolutely, You should get an attorney now. You also need to ask for DOL hearing in a timely manner.
Can a suspended sentence for reckless driving be changed to deferred sentencing if all requirements were met before next court?
I was arrested for DUI for swerving due to reaching over for items on passenger floor, I am near 40 years old with a PRISTINE record but have medical condition requiring meds that according to washington state are "impairing". Despite blowing .000 and proving meds were within therapeutic range, the DA would not work with my attorney, so the only optionwas to plea guilty for "amended" charge of reckless driving (no implied consumption). Conditions of my sentencing were to attend ADIS and victims impact panel. I recieved a suspended sentence, and I was wondering if this could still be amended or changed to a deferred sentencing at my next court date. By that time I will have completed all of my court requirements and the state required 30 day suspension of my license by the DOL.
In theory it can be. In reality it is unlikely. Courts don't typically allow redos on plea and sentencing because you...
Can the Washington DOL revoke a California drivers license? Because of a DUI charge?
The Washington DOL only has jurisdiction over a person's license, privilege or permit to drive in WASHINGTON. A...