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I live in NorCal and no , there will not be other underage people just me
the simple answer to your question is no even with parental approval you cannot drink alcohol and your parents could...
I dont see what excuse could he possibly have to get him off. I dont care what lawyer he has. What does that say for our police force if charges are dismissed.
Is it possible? Yes. Anything is possible. Probable? Probably not. But, remember that police officers (even on duty)...
I am terminal ill organ failure ect from being hurt,11 or so times now still no jail,court cost,on my 2nd lawyer now almost going on a year well judge asked again if i want to try again for jail,ya ok worse now then i was almost a year ago ,its just going to be the same ,just worse for me because my health is worse ,and i will get more time since i did not complie all sad any advice,i try at times to make em take me warrant by not show,pick me up site release,then messes up my social ,my medical insurance,ect the warrant another round i suppose,
Diff it'll to offer any advice without knowing details. What you wrote is confusing
DUI in 2005 - currently unemployed recovering alcoholic with 2 1/2 years sobriety trying to get her life back on track.
She needs an attorney . It sounds like she never appeared . It is quite possible that this can be dealt with.
An hour after first breath test took another one. It was .035. Court date is 2 weeks from arrest. Can I get blood test results before that?
Not always. It is not uncommon for the arraignment to take place with no blood results available or be continued...
Last night, 3 of my buddies and I were drinking at a park. We got a minor in possession on alcohol. 25662 B&P. He marked non traffic if it matters. It's my first time. I'm just worried about my license. I need it for work and I'm going to start school. Are they just going to make me pay the fine, which is fine with me or will they also suspend my license? Should I plead no contest or guilty?
It is largely irrelevant as to what happens in court. Once DMV gets word of it, they will try to suspend you for one...
they drew like 3 pints of blood from me and did not say anything to me.
I doubt seriously anyone drew 3 pints of blood. 3 tubes or vials, but that is a lot less than 3 pints. As to whether...