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MN WI dwi
I would like to ask I was a resident of Wi for over a year, worked for company in WI, payed Taxes to state of WI, got dwi in WI but did not change my licance over from mn I can prove all of this so how according to dwi law jursdiction that it goes to the state you reside in and have done everything Wi has asked. I am valid in WI how can mn make me do more when to prove residency to get a licance you have to prove you live there I can prove I did not live there
Not sure I see a question here, but I vaguely see a question about where jurisdiction lies to file the dui/dwi....
I was charged with a dwi after I hit a metal guard rail in a parking lot. What can I expect in court?
I was being really stupid when I entered a McDonalds parking lot, I took a turn I take very often going faster then I thought and hit a metal guard rail. There was no damage to the guard rail. No one was near me when I did this and no one was in the parking lot. I blew a .13 and was released to a family member without being "booked" What can I expect in court? I just want to do what I need to do to rectify my mistake. I really don't like the idea of probation because I just want this to be over with and probation strings it along 1...2...3.. years or whatever it is.
There are a number of things you can do to improve your situation, both with the criminal charges and as it relates to...
I received a owi in WI 3 yrs ago-never got my license reinstated. now live in MN and need to get a MN license. what am lookin at
need to know what the proper procedure will be to get a MN license - will i be able to just go to the DMV with my WI license and apply for a MN license? the owi in wi was a 1st offense and was charged with a driving misdemeanor
You'll need to make good with Wisconsin first before Minnesota (or any other state) will give you a license. Contact...
I live in mn and received a dui pac in wi
which state am i charged with dui and which state do apply for a occupational lic in.
I am not sure that I understand your question. However, I believe you are stating that you have a Minnesota license...
I was arrested for DWI off a report from a private citizen. How can I get a report of the call?
I was at a Walgreens and someone reported that I was intoxicated. I was arrested 4 blocks away.
Because of the negative impact a DWI conviction can have on your life, you should consult an attorney in your state as...
This is my 1st offense. I'm thinking about going it alone and plead guilty. What are my chances???
I blew a .178 on the field test. What are the chances of the urine sample coming back .20 or higher.
Assuming you follow through on your stated intentions, there is a 100% chance that you will have a first DWI conviction...
What if I got a cancel for an Intoxilock fail, would that require an implied consent hearing ?
Failed the Intoxilock, on my way to work I called Intoxilock to see what I needed to do. They said nothing and gave me instances of what can cause the fail. No big deal.? then a week later I got a cancel notice and want me to do rehab reinstate and 6 years of Intoxilock? What a money scam.
It's unclear why you would need an IC hearing. If you got a revocation then you would likely need to apply for another...