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Kicked out of DUI Class in California. Does going to jail make my DUI classes go away?
I am taking DUI Courses and was kicked out of class for failing to go to AA meetings. The courses were nine months long. My lawyer is advising me to go to jail for 45 days and then I won't have to take the DUI courses. I guess the jail time makes it so I don't have to do the DUI class? He said most likely the jail time will be less than a week. Is this sound advice? Or should I just reinstate the class? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
If you ever want a CA driver's license again, you must complete the class.
Is it possible to resolve a DUI case from 2007 in California from Ohio?
I was sited with a DUI in June of 2007 while living in California, I relocated shortly there after, hired a lawyer to represent me, but there still seems to be outstanding issues. I have lived in Ohio since September of 2007. This showed up when I went to replace my Ohio DL, and need help to resolve. I am not able to travel back to California and need help if possible to bring closure to this case an re-establish driving privileges in Ohio.
If the case was a misdemeanor in CA, you can hire a California attorney to try to appear in court to address the issues....
I have bench warrants for violating probation on 2 D.U.I. convictions they are in 2 different counties what should I do?
In 2010 I got a DUI in orange county,CA. i went to alcohol school and was doing my community service as per my probation . Then in June of 2011 I was in a horrible accident in L.A. county. I was in a coma for 2 weeks had major internal injurys,broken wrist, head truama and was not expected to survive. I did and then found out that I got a D.U.I. after a warrant was issued . I went to court and had just got a fusion done to my wrist that was left untreated while trying to recover. It took 6 months to find a surgeon that could fix my wrist. So I was not able to complete my probation on the first case. Now its 2015 and I am still partially disabled and lost employment and have no license to gain employment. what do I have to do to get out of this mess with out going to JAIL.
Retain an attorney to appear in court for you to ask the court to recall the warrant and reinstate your DUI probation....
First time DUI conviction this year on Informal probation. Got a Public intoxication charge in Austin Texas will they notify CA?
nervous what will happen to me since I am in informal probation here in orange county, Ca fro DUI (1st time). Got the charge in austin Texas for public intoxication. Will they notify california? if so what would be the punishment?
I can say the chances are extremely low. A charge of Public Intoxication is so low on the list of crimes, you should...
Am I allowed to drive from one residence to another on a restricted license? (I have two homes in California)
I have two residences (both Southern California), one apt is a close to my job (shown on my license, I stay there during weekdays), another house (technically permanent home) in another county where I live and tend to over the weekends (I have bills and mails sent to this address). Am I allowed to drive from the apt that is close to my job to my permanent home, vice versa? (ie; drive from the apt close to my job to the house after work on Fri, then drive back to apt Sun evening since work starts Mon? ) How do I prove that I have two different residences, the license only shows one address. How do I prove to the police officer (if pulled over) that I was traveling from/ to my other home in another county that isn't shown on my license. Will showing them my bills or mails be sufficient?
You have a DUI Attorney right? Have you contacted that attorney?? Your restricted license allows to drive to and...
Conditional license question about commuting to work if the time and place is variable
Arrested for a DUI in NY in October, still awaiting g trial. I had a conditional license there before I moved here. But my work was set. Here I got a job doing construction and my boss moved so can't drive to the job site anymore. I remember in NY I had to get a form that said where and when work was to show a cop if I got pulled over. But with this job the location is always changing depending on the place we are working at and work CA. End anytime between 2-8. Also I know some states dmvs don't communicate, for instance my attorney in NY said he has clients who get licenses revoked in NY and get full licenses in Florida, is that possible with CA and NY? How could I research that. But I'm sure that would involve some form of lying on the DMV license application and hoping that can't check
Sometimes the reciprocal information slips through the cracks. It sounds like you have a work restriction in New York....
My husband was arrested this morning for not returning a rental car on its due date
He is on probation for dui. What are the chances of him getting released? He has court appearance on Monday, does he need an attorney to represent him on that day? He is held without bail.
How long over due was the car? You will need to hire alwyer ASAP. Depending on the circumstances, you might...