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In my motion of discovery where it says defendants statements there is no markings. Why? I made a false statement and recanted.
2 girls and I got arrested for one of the girls drugs. I made up a lie to protect the girl who owned the drugs. I later asked my attorney to recanted bc it was a lie and incriminating. But in my discovery there was not a box marked such as a yes or no box that was marked. Makes no sense.
This is a question for your lawyer. As a general rule your attorney cannot recant a confession for you and make it go...
Does the fact that drugs were found in a make-up bag in close proximity (my feet) damage my innocence of them not being mine?
It was in a car I wasn't driving n wasn't in my name. The bag was too large to be on the driver side bc it would've impaired driving abilities.
Doesn't help your defense especially if your cosmetics were in the bag. Get local criminal defense counsel involved.
I was charged wit drugs n they were not on me n was ina leopardprint makeup bag belonging to woman. Beyond reasonable doubt?
The rental car wasn't in my name. I was not the driver. The drugs were in a woman's large leopard print make-up bag. The other passenger is a witness that the drugs we're not mine. Both girls are convicted drug felons. I'm not convicted of any drug related charges. The driver was arrested for similar charges shortly after our arrest. The driver talked to my friend via Facebook and he said to her " you know those drugs we're not his(me)." She replied I know." The owner of the drugs(driver) is on the run and skipped bail for our charges and the ones shortly after our arrest.
If I understand your question, I think the best answer to be given is "perhaps." I say that because what you know...
How I can get a dui dropped or reduced to reckless driving?
I was parked in a Arbys parking lot asleep. I was there waiting on someone to leave from work but didn't know they were already gone an decided to sleep while waiting. I was some by officers an ask to step out of my truck. They did blood alcohol an the touch your finger to your nose which I didnt understand the test. I couldn't do the walk a straight line because I have a bad injured foot. My keys were also out of my ignition laying in my console.
Anything is possible; whether or not it is probable is another story. Regardless, your odds at a favorable outcome...
Car towed for dui, then found not guilty. Do I get my car back?
I was pulled over for not wearing a seat belt originally. The cop then found my llegal prescription of suboxone in my car sitting next to me on the seat, but my name was somewhat faded from the bottle. He claims he couldn't read it, and asked me if I took any of it that day. I replied I had. He then proceeded to give me a dui test and I passed, but was still arrested for admitting to taking my medication that day and driving (witch is legal) he just couldn't fully read my name to verify it was actually mine. It was fully legible by the way. My car was then impounded and sent to the tow lot. I couldn't afford to get my car out so I waited until court. The judge and prosecutor seen the bottle the same as him and threw out every charge. They stated I should have never been arrested. That leaves my question of do they release my car back to me for free because it should've never been impounded to begin with? Or would I have to sue the township civilly for the money paid to have it released? I wasn't sure what to do about this situation. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also this is in Newport, TN 37821 if this matters.
Assuming your car was towed by a private company, then no, you don't get your car back for free. The private company...
Is my case a winnable one?
I was not the driver. The rental car wasn't in my name. There was no drugs on me. The drugs we're in a large leopard print make-up bag. The other girl in the car knows the drugs we're not mine. I do not know if I can call her to the stand. The bag was too large to be on the driver side so it was at my feet on the left towards the driver. The two girls are convicted drug felons. I have no drug convictions. The owner of the drugs got arrested again for near similar charges after our arrest. The girl who owned the drugs is on the run right now in Marietta GA.
Not likely winnable if you defend yourself. MUCH better odds with a GA criminal defense attorney. To answer your...
Hospitalized and treating doctor thought I was taking street drugs
when entering hospital I was ill, after blood test the hospital staff thought I was taking amphetamines when I was not. during my stay I was miss treated and still have bruises. in the hospital reports the treating doctor said I was a know drug addict and I have only lived in the area since 2013. these records could cause me to loose my school funding and Social Security. Not to mention I went trough hell in the hospital and with drawl. I have spoke to a new PC and had a random drug test both blood and urine and spoke to my pain dr whom takes tests every 30 days they both say I was treated unfairly in the hospital.
Sorry to hear of your bad treatment.