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Backed out of driveway, killed by oncoming car who was not looking at the road but at device in his car. Who is at fault?
Driver was proceeding along residential street when his breathalyzer went off. Instead of pulling over to stop & blow into it as required by his DUI probation, he attempted to use it while driving and took his eyes off the road. Hit my neighbors daughter backing out of her driveway and killed her. Who is at fault? How can he use the excuse he didn’t see her if he wasn’t even looking at the road?
Very unfortunate. However based upon the information you have provided, no lawyer can possibly give you an accurate...
My son had a DUI in Tennessee and wants to go to rehab out of state?
What would be the ramifications ?
It all depends on Tennessee law if he’s required to go to complete rehabilitation for his DUI . If that’s the case you...
First time offense, 0 BAC level, and small amounts of marijuana in system. What is the likely sentence and do i need a lawyer
Was arrested and charged with: - Reckless driving - OUI - Drinking while driving
Yes you need a lawyer. There’s an adage. “!a person who represents himself has a fool for a client “. A good lawyer for...
What does 3 years execution suspended after 9 months mean ?
My fiance is telling me that he has to do 50 percent in jail and then he will get tc or does this means he had to do the entire 9 months in jail?
That means he will serve up to 9 months in jail before being released onto probation or conditional discharge. The...
Can an infraction violate my probation?
My fiancé was driving my vehicle, his license is currently suspended due to a DWI and he got pulled over. The officer did not arrest him or give him a summons, he wrote him a ticket for driving without a license. on the judicial website it shows only as an infraction. He paid the ticket. Is there any further penalties that can be added? Can this also result in a VOP?
It depends on the conditions of his probation but most probation officers are not terribly concerned about someone not...
Will my 4 year and 2 month old DUI effect my job opportunity?
In May of 2013 I got arrested for a DUI and had a lawyer as well. I did community service and the MADD program. I did however, hear my lawyer a few times talk about how it might just get expunged. (never have I been arrested before and I have no other criminal history). I just don't know specifically if he did. My lawyer was probono (free lawyer). I recently landed a really good job, and they are currently in the background check process for me, as I signed a release form for them yesterday that allows them to do so. I've been losing sleep over this and nearly causing myself anxiety attacks. A lot of people say I'll be fine, but I'm getting a lot of mixed advice the more I research this topic. Please help me.
If you took the alcohol education program and successfully completed it along with the victim impact panel you should...
If dui conviction affected job and work visa, the convict has no choice but to leave the country. how can he leave on probation?
DUI has affected job and hence work visa, but how can he leave without completing probation as he is soon going to be out of status? He completed all requirements of probation and requested early termination of probation but the court denied it. Now soon the immigration will come after him and deport him?
Not necessarily if I'm the Alcohol Education Program. If it's a dui conviction I strongly recommend you seek the advice...