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How can I get a DUI off my driving records?
I got a DUI violation back in 2011 out of state. I completed all the requirements except one. My out of state license was revoked but since I was no longer living there I didn't pay it. Now, in 2017 I finally paid the revocation fee but shortly after the state I now have a license in suspended my driving privilege and started the DUI conviction process again. I paid the suspension fee to restore my license but now show another DUI on my record. The DMV won't remove it claiming the records are correct. What can I do
Nothing. Once it’s on your Florida record, it will never be removed.
What will happen at court 3rd offense for DOS and 1st offense for speeding?
what penalty would I have for driving while license suspended for the 3rd time and a speeding ticket
It could be prosecuted as a felony. Find a lawyer ASAP.
How can I refuse to urine test when I simply couldn't go to the bathroom?
I was sleeping in a car on private property for 3 hours on Thanksgiving night I was subjected to three to five hours of field sobriety and then finally arrested after I failed to yield a urine which I have no explanation except I have been able unable to urinate I did ask for blood repeatedly it was my second failure to submit and I had every intention of submitting
Unfortunately, most people's experience in life is that they can urinate on demand. Of course, when you have a couple...
How can I reinstate a permanantely revoked license in Florida from OWI failure to take DUI school.
I received an OWI in MN in 2014 and they sent the alert to FL which then suspended my FL. They said all I had to do was take my DUI school and pay my $250 reinstatement fee and I would be good to go. First offense and actually it was a refusal reduced to OWI. So here we are 3 years later and due to many reasons such as logistics I have not been able to complete the school. I knew my license had been revoked but as I was living permanently out of state ( WI ) it has been nearly impossible to take a class in FL due to their registration system. They have no online registration so you have to go there in person, turn in the 100 documents needed to take the class then if they accept all your documents then you sign up for a class a month or two on the calendar. It's an archaic and very frustrating system. I have gone in person several times with all the required docs and they still ask for more evidence of the violation. Still they said they needed more evidence. I'm like omg what do I have to do to prove I got a DUI!? I'm not here because I want to be!? it's a very old OWI and I read they will let you take the class if it's old and only have a evidence it happened. Is this true?
Your question would more properly be answered by an attorney on the criminal board. I have reposted your question there.
My son is 43 and lives with us in florida. we want him out because he is drunk and mean? he pays 75 dollars for food a week and
do to his behavior we no longer want him living with us. how do we evict him, he only pays 75 dollars aweek for his food. thank you
Not a family law question, I will redirect to landlord-tenab
What if you fail a drug test within a month of being on the PTI PROGRAM ?
First time offense no criminal record joined the program june9
You will be kicked out of the program and put back on the docket. You will likely be offered probation, possibly with...
Can an employer require a direct observation drug screen?
I am a locomotive engineer. Recently while working I violated a safety rule. I understand that my employer may require a drug test under company policy. However the carrier elected to have me tested under FRA/DOT authority. The carrier also listed as the reason for the test as reasonable cause/suspicion. This test is administered when the carrier suspects drug/alcohol use at the time of the incident. The test administered was also a direct observation test. My question is can the employer direct a drug screen under a situation that was incorrect? As my state of sobriety was never questioned, nor did I behave in any way addled. Second can they legally require a direct observation. As info I have never failed a drug test, never been caught tampering with a sample, never been caught interfering in a drug test. I passed both the bac test and the urine came back clean. Any assistance would be appreciated
This is .not really a criminal defense question, where it is posting under DUI/DWI. It is an employment law question....