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First Time DUID methamphetamine
I got arrested for the first time in my life somewhere in CO (only have had a couple speeding tickets and nothing else prior) and I am twenty-five. I was spooked as I passed a Sheriff going the opposite way when I saw him turn around on the road a hundred yards behind me and I turned into a driveway which gave him suspicion to follow me. The Sheriff arrested me on DUID for being high on Meth and false plates on my car. I had insurance. I went to jail for the weekend until I could post bail. He said he could smell it and I agreed to take a UA at the station. He had me do a test where I stood with my feet together outside, head tilted way back and tell him when 30 seconds was up. They searched my car without consent, but I had nothing on me or in my car. This is first time arrested.
I'm not sure I see a question here. You might want to rephrase.
I was ignorant of the law and refused a breath test. Is there anyway I can save my license.
I am a middle aged woman, do not drink very much or very often and was pulled over. My husband was intoxicated, argued with the officer and I was deemed drunk. I felt antagonized by the officer and confused as to why he was arresting me as I was not intoxicated. I thought if I took the breath test I would only make things worse. When the office told me to sign the paper saying I was refusing the test, I did not read the paper as I did not have my glasses and thought the officer was telling me the complete content of what I was signing. Is there any way to keep my license. I have never been arrested, have no recent traffic violations and need to drive to make a living.
Probably not. Ignorance of the law is not a defense or excuse to prohibited conduct. The fact that you signed the...
Is Colorado DWAI (lesser offense than DUI) recognized by other states? Particularly interested in WA/OR.
DWAI in Colorado does not seem to have counterparts in other states. It is for BAC of 0.05 to 0.08. Most (all?) states have a 0.08 cutoff for DUI. I am particularly interested if Washington and Oregon will recognize this DWAI if I get a license there.
I would have to know exactly what second code you'd plead to, but you're right, for most states the cut off is .08 but...
I was cleaning up my car Sunday at noon after a rain storm. Admittedly I was home drinking and playing cards Saturday night.
I have an interlock device I am NO LONGER on probation I had not had a drink in many hours I engaged my ignition to roll up windows and was asked to BLOW As I had not drank since well into the night before I thought nothing of it I got my first violation in 19 months of a 24 month interlock install At present do not know the number I blew I have a few weeks before my download/calibration when the DMV will get the report Can I be charged with a second DUI? This will for sure mean jail time (probably pretty serious time this time) Any thoughts? Concerned in Colorado
This is not a personal injury question. I will change your category for you so that attorneys that are familiar with...
Court date 11-4-15 will not be getting my blood test results before then. Also I live in Michigan, how do I go about this?
Took a blood test for alcohol and drugs on 9-20-15, called chematox and they said it takes 6-8 weeks because drugs were involved. I have court on the fourth of November. Also I live in Michigan so what should I do regarding my first court date and traveling and such..
I would contact a local DUI attorney to help you navigate your case. An attorney will be able to file a request with...
Can you request a hearing with the DMV in Colorado to request your reinstatement requirements be dropped?
My DUI was in 2006. I need a drivers license for job hunting purposes but do not own a vehicle, nor plan to anytime soon. For reinstatement, I am required to have an SR22 and an ignition interlock, but again, I have no vehicle. I was also told the DMV would revoke these reinstatement requirement after 10 years, and I would then be eligible for reinstatement; is this true?
That is unlikely to happen, but I would contact them and explain to them and see what happens.
Will my recent issue violate the terms of my DWAI probation agreement??
On March 15th i had a BAC of 0.09, my licensed was suspended. After 4 months of the courts not being able to find my blood sample, i finally plead guilty to a DWAI on September 5th and had my sentence of 180 days in jail suspended via first time offender and DWAI probation for 9 months. On September 25th in an emergency, i was involved in an non violent accident infront of my house. The police were called the accident reported, so i was charged with driving while license suspended and careless driving. My new court date is set for November 6th. Will this accident clearly violate my DWAI probation?? and regardless, can the sentence be reduced in anyway??
Usually 1 constant in probation conditions is to live a law abiding life. Unless driving was the absolute only way to...