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First Time DUID methamphetamine
I got arrested for the first time in my life somewhere in CO (only have had a couple speeding tickets and nothing else prior) and I am twenty-five. I was spooked as I passed a Sheriff going the opposite way when I saw him turn around on the road a hundred yards behind me and I turned into a driveway which gave him suspicion to follow me. The Sheriff arrested me on DUID for being high on Meth and false plates on my car. I had insurance. I went to jail for the weekend until I could post bail. He said he could smell it and I agreed to take a UA at the station. He had me do a test where I stood with my feet together outside, head tilted way back and tell him when 30 seconds was up. They searched my car without consent, but I had nothing on me or in my car. This is first time arrested.
I'm not sure I see a question here. You might want to rephrase.
I was ignorant of the law and refused a breath test. Is there anyway I can save my license.
I am a middle aged woman, do not drink very much or very often and was pulled over. My husband was intoxicated, argued with the officer and I was deemed drunk. I felt antagonized by the officer and confused as to why he was arresting me as I was not intoxicated. I thought if I took the breath test I would only make things worse. When the office told me to sign the paper saying I was refusing the test, I did not read the paper as I did not have my glasses and thought the officer was telling me the complete content of what I was signing. Is there any way to keep my license. I have never been arrested, have no recent traffic violations and need to drive to make a living.
Probably not. Ignorance of the law is not a defense or excuse to prohibited conduct. The fact that you signed the...
Can prior out of state DUIs be challenged?
Prior DUI from 15 and 12 years ago in two other states. Is there any way of challenging the use of these as prior convictions in Colorado?
It depends on the law in Colorado. You should be asking this question of your lawyer. As a practical matter, you can...
I am on probation for a DUI.
On probation for a DUI. When I was sentenced i had mentioned to the judge I was interested in an outpatient program and I had actually spoken to a specific one. When sentenced he had put on as a condition I complete that program. I had to wait for a spot to open and when it did I went to the class but was pulled out just yesterday and told they needed the spot for a more at risk person. When I spoke to the director he said I never should have been admitted to the program and that my insurance would not pay because of the time of my sobriety - it was for more immediate need people. (Sober over a year). I explained this to my PO but she said I had to get done and at this facility, could not go elsewhere, because of the judges order. I do not know what to do. Should I have a lawyer petion the court. For a change in sentence? Can I? I am ok going elsewhere or doing whatever the court requires but Now I am between a rock and hard place - with this place. 9 months on probation never failed ua or missed appointments or requirements.
Sorry you are in this predicament. However, judges usually are not in the business of penalizing someone who...
Are there options for DUI probation in Colorado? I would like to leave the state but am not resident any where.
Deciding whether to plead no contest/guilty to a DUI charge. I have out of state priors. While I think I can handle the work release I don't want to be trapped in Colorado for years. I came to Colorado hoping to only spend a couple of months but got this DUI (0.09 BAC, alleged turn signal violation). I had been out of the continent for a year and prior to that moved a lot. I understand that the interstate compact for probation defines residency as being a year or longer in a state and I don't fulfill this requirement any where. I would like to leave Colorado and look for work in Washington or Oregon after the work-release sentence (anticipate a 6 month sentence). Is there any way to have the probation be other than supervised? I can submit to random tests but really want to leave Colorado as soon as I can.
Unfortunately, with priors, probation is mandatory. Criteria for interstate compact approval may not be as stringent as...
DUI bench warrant. Wait for arresting officer to retire?
I was arrested for DUI with a lower BAC (0.09) after a turn signal violation. Unfortunately I have some old priors so was facing extended jail and supervised probation even if plead down to a DWAI. I left the state becoming a fugitive prior to conviction. The arresting state patrol officer was in his mid-50s. If I wait until the officer retires will the DA dismiss the case? I've completely stopped drinking, thought I had it under control, and honestly did not think I was above 0.08. I am hugely remorseful but a year of jail and years of supervised probation was not something I could survive.
Not necessarily. Just because an officer retires does not mean he will not appear in court on your case or that the DA...
In patient rehab instead of jail for DUI in Colorado?
I was arrested for a DUI and have multiple priors out of state. BAC was less than 0.10. Is it possible to do in-patient rehab in lieu of jail? If so how long of inpatient rehab is possible to substitute?
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