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Do I need to obtain a lawyer for my son's dwai. This is his first offense and he is 19 years old.
In October 2016 my son was given a ticket for speeding in Durango, colorado. This was his first ticket and did not pay it or tell us about it. In December 2016 he was questioned for driving down a one way street which he could not tell was a one way until he got to the end of the street. The officer said he smelled alcohol on his breath and search the entire car and found an open container in one of the back sacks in the back seat of the truck that does not have a trunk. He was placed in police custody in hand cuffs and questioned but his Miranda Rights were never read to him. My son answered all questions and tested at .052. 9 points were taken off his license and revoked. I got him a hearing date through Dept of Revenue w/ ability to drive for 60 days.
Yeah, you should engage a lawyer, if only to figure out this tangle you're trying to describe. In nearly one hundred...
First Time DUID methamphetamine
I got arrested for the first time in my life somewhere in CO (only have had a couple speeding tickets and nothing else prior) and I am twenty-five. I was spooked as I passed a Sheriff going the opposite way when I saw him turn around on the road a hundred yards behind me and I turned into a driveway which gave him suspicion to follow me. The Sheriff arrested me on DUID for being high on Meth and false plates on my car. I had insurance. I went to jail for the weekend until I could post bail. He said he could smell it and I agreed to take a UA at the station. He had me do a test where I stood with my feet together outside, head tilted way back and tell him when 30 seconds was up. They searched my car without consent, but I had nothing on me or in my car. This is first time arrested.
I'm not sure I see a question here. You might want to rephrase.
I was ignorant of the law and refused a breath test. Is there anyway I can save my license.
I am a middle aged woman, do not drink very much or very often and was pulled over. My husband was intoxicated, argued with the officer and I was deemed drunk. I felt antagonized by the officer and confused as to why he was arresting me as I was not intoxicated. I thought if I took the breath test I would only make things worse. When the office told me to sign the paper saying I was refusing the test, I did not read the paper as I did not have my glasses and thought the officer was telling me the complete content of what I was signing. Is there any way to keep my license. I have never been arrested, have no recent traffic violations and need to drive to make a living.
Probably not. Ignorance of the law is not a defense or excuse to prohibited conduct. The fact that you signed the...
What are the DUI laws state to state?
I have 3 prior DUI convictions out of Alaska in which the cases are closed. I recently got a DUI in Colorado where I now reside. Will Colorado most likely treat this as my first or my fourth DUI conviction?
Alaska is a member of the interstate compact regarding sharing drivers license information. So, Colorado likely will...
What are my options on a failure to appear and no compliance on a DUI in 2013 ?
I received a DUI in grand junction co in 2013. I am originally from Wyoming and have been notified that my license is still suspended and that I have a warrant out for my arrest. How much jail time am I facing ? And is it possible the court will accept a eval, community service, and classes this late after sentencing? I work in the oilfield as an electrician and am trying to get my life straightened out so I am trying to get this situation handled.
Based on your info. it appears that you pleaded and were sentenced in Co. It certainly wont hurt you to complete all...
Can I receive a DUI in the mail?
A week ago I was pulled over for not having a front license plate. The officer asked if I had been drinking to which I responded I had a beer. He asked me to do a field sobriety test. After I took it, he said I had failed but did not say why, he also gave me a breathalyzer but did not say what I blew. At first, they said I need to get a ride home but then another officer then asked me when I graduate college to which I said next May. The officer then asked me to go to my car while the two spoke. They told me I would leave my car there and then they would be taking me home. On the ride home, the officer told me he could decide to press charges but then when I got out of the car he said "see not all cops are pigs". Should I be expecting a DUI in the mail or did the officer simply let me go and I got extremely lucky to say the least?
From what you post, sounds like you were lucky and No, you should not be expecting a DUI in the mail. You more than...
How can I handle a dui charge from 2001 I got when I was 16 in Colorado?
I currently reside in Texas. I was not driving but was stupid enough to switch places with the driver since he had warrants and no license.
You should consult with Colorado-licensed criminal defense counsel to determine whether your conviction may be sealed....