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PSP Criminal Record Check v Court Records
I was arrested for suspicion of DUI and booked at the police station July 3. Since the incident I make daily checks on the usjportal, for the record of the charge & there is nothing found. And I have received nothing in the mail. I am a voulunteer youth cheer coach & per request of the league; submitted in for my background check to the PSP. The arrest is what came back. I went back the portal using the OTN number on file & using that search method; nothing. I figure it was a holiday weekend, so some back up is expected. But, 3 months+ ?? Any insight before my stomach itself?
Is the address in your DL the same address all along? I ask because if you recently move from July, then there is your...
Never finger printed for dui..
pulled over asked for my creds. went to car. came back asked if id step out. proceded to give me sobriety tests multiples of each... then searched vehicle ... i asked why i was pulled over he said speeding.. he didnt pull out and turn lights on he pulled out slow then followed at a distace for 1.2 miles then proceded to pull me over tho i never got a speeding ticket?
It is not uncommon for an officer to pull a driver over for a traffic violation, arrest the driver for DUI, and not...
Can you get a dui if you are not in your car.
Can you get a dui if you are drunk inside the store and not in your car?Keys are in car but not in ignition. There is store video footage showing this person driving up to the store. Cops came in store and arrested him.Is a Dui possible if you are not even in your car?
Sure. I mean I suppose you could argue you were drinking in the store?? Depends on a lot of factors but if they find...
can she get me for rape if we were both drunk that night
ok im 18 i went to a party and got drunk and a 17 year was drunk to and we had sexual intercourse can she get me for rape if we were both drunk that night
Would being charged with corruption suit you better? Both might be possible. But consent might be a defense. The point...
How can I still get a DUI with my BAC under the legal limit? Is there anyway to fight this?
I was recently charged with a DUI general impairment, reckless driving, and careless driving. I was/is involved in an accident which everyone was fine and everyone refused medical treatment. When I went to my preliminary hearing I found out my BAC was 0.076. How can I still get a DUI with my BAC under the legal limit?
You misunderstand something. The blood alcohol content is a guide and once a certain threshold is reached, you are...
York, PA DUI/Criminal Attorney that's reasonably priced
First DUI (York, PA), he's currently in SCI Camp Hill, he has to serve 6 months for leaving the half way house on state parole which is when he got the DUI. He's pleading guilty to the DUI, pretty cut and dry. Looked into the rules 72 hours jail time and up to 6 months probation is the norm. I've tried contacting several attorney's and have had no luck. Either way too high priced $3,500 + or no responses back. All he wants to do is serve his time and be able to file a continuance after his release date of 9/29/16. His court date is 6/14/16. Not looking for anything free and I know people are busy. I'm trying to find the forms myself online but I'm clueless about this. Any one reasonably priced in York, PA?
Sure many options abound, even out of York county. Use this website and pick a lawyer to have a consult with, good luck....
Is there a possible dui or related charge in the situation?
Is there a possible dui/related charge in the situation where you are car camping and after drinking outside the car, with no driving involved, you are confronted by police while sleeping in the car? I live in pennsylvania. Thank you.
Possible? Yes. More facts would be needed about what happened after the initial police contact. Contact a local...