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Its my 4th lifetime dui, and 2nd in 10 years. What sentence am I looking at for dui general impairment no bac available?
Charged with dui general impairment/incapable of driving safely. Was viewed on video surveillance existing the vehicle. Officers arrived at the scene and placed me under arrest. I was offered no tests.
Because of your prior driving record, your question cannot be answered in a vacuum. If you care about the outcome, the...
Can I be charged with the DUI without any test's being administered?
I have been charged with DUI gen imp/inc of driving safely, recklessly endangering another person, drg lic sus/rev, driving without a license, restrictions on alcoholic beverages, public drunk, disorderly conduct, and retail theft. The police were not at the scene at the time of the incident they arrived afterwards. The arresting officers have video surveillance of me getting out of the drivers side door and inside the store. I was not given or offered test's of any kind (pbt, bac, field sobriety etc..)
The short answer is, yes, you can be charged without undergoing any field sobriety tests. Your first priority now is...
DUI in Pennsylvania.
I was pulled over for a dui in Pennsylvania. After driving through the town I was pulled over outside of town limits. I wasn't told why I was pulled over...anything I can do?
Hire an attorney to fight the case and get the evidence.
Getting my Ard probation dismissed early in Erie,Pennsylvania?
I got a DUI in early 2016. I was sentenced to 8 months probation 60 days license suspension Alcohol Highway Safety School and an assessment. I'm now four months in to my probation and everything has been completed that was required of me including fines paid. I talked with my attorney earlier today and he said he will file a motion to have my probation dismissed. I haven't really got any real information yet so I'm wondering how long it will actually take after he files the motion and also the probability of it actually being granted.
What kind of person are you? Have you no appreciation for a job well-done? You paid a professional for his time and...
Can the hospital run a blood alcohol content test without your consent? Would it show on ur paper with the rest of the tests?
I'm not sure if a bac was ran on me when I got into an accident. It's not on my paperwork with the rest of my blood tests/results and it wasn't mentioned in the hospital.
It is possible that the hospital ran a blood test. If you were in an accident, and not conscious, blood may have been...
Will my PO randomly show up at my house to drug test me while on ARD in Erie county, Erie PA?
I'm on ARD just met with my PO for the first time a few days ago, is it possible for him to show up at my house and drug test me? My situation is I just have to call in once a month to check in.
Yes. You should count on random drug tests. Moreover, many drugs stay in your system for days and weeks. If any of...
Can I go to jail for a suspended license?
I recently got pulled over for not having inspection on my vehicle. When the officer ran my license it came back suspended. My suspension should have been over in December of 2016. I paid the fine and the restoration fee to have the suspension lifted on time. This will be my 2nd time being pulled over while my license is suspended. I acknowledged that my license was suspended the first time and did 90 days in Erie county prison for it because I missed my court date. I was unaware that my suspension had not been lifted when it was supposed to. I awaiting my court date for driving under a suspended license. Will I need legal help to avoid going back to prison? Is there a mandatory jail sentence for a second offense? Please help. I am a single mother and have a second child on the way.
The answer is yes it is possible. If your license is under suspension because of a DUI, then you are definitely facing...