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How do I change my probation officer in the state of New Mexico
I am on probation for a DWI in the state of New Mexico. Recently I went on a date an against my better judgement had a glass of wine, I was then given an ETG test the next day. I realize i have broken the law and will accept my two days in jail a is mandatory. However, my probation officer and I have always had a personality conflict and she has treated me worse then my enemies do, and I suffer from PTSD one of the symptoms is that I block out extremely stressful situations, which is the case every time I have to see her. I know the law is the law and another probation officer will follow the law as well but I seriously can NOT be around this one without fear and panic. I feel someone else might help my situation without having the psychological voodoo from her herself..What can I do pleas
Unfortunately, in my experience (in WA State), this is almost impossible to do unless there is some sort of conflict of...
When does the 20 minute deprivation period begin?
I was arrested for DWI a couple days ago. Looked at the officers report, which states I was stopped "at approximately 0208." Given a quick field test then taken down the street for the IR8000. Report says they "verified the 20 minute deprivation period had passed." Copy of the test results I was given shows 2:16 and 2:17, respectively. I, after being unable to reach my personal physician, was not given an opportunity or guidance on how to obtain an independant blood draw. Was told "thats the reality of the situation." Was then immediately taken to booking. How is this legal?
It sounds liked you have some solid issues with your case. If your timeline is correct, it appears that the twenty...
Cited for mip, did not admit guilt, refused breathalyzer. No alcohol in possession. Officers proof was I smelled of alcohol and
Thank you for sharing your story. did you have a question your attorney could not answer after reviewing all the facts...
I failed 2 interlock test probation 1 year what am I looking at?
What can I do to stay away from getting jail time? I'm keeping up with my classes my court fees and done with community service
You are looking at possible arrest for violation of probation, jail time or modification of probation.
Can a dwi case get dismissed on a motion if A. Defendant took two breath samples, officer said they were insufficient
Called it a "refusal" Defendant then asked for blood to be drawn officer refused. It is a felony dwi APD/DPS S.O.P states on felony dui a warrant must be issued. There is no lapel video, dash cam, no evidence other than the officers report that defendant failed fst or " refused ".
No, the case would definitively not be dismissed. At most, the refusal portion would be thrown out, leaving the felony...
Will a misdemeanor show on my background check? Will it effect my future employment Or school?
I've never been convicted of a felonie or been arrested before so I'm not sure how this works. We were trying to get inside a club when they asked is for our ID's. We got double question to see if they were fake. I'm 24 and my license stated I'm from New Mexico which was a ligit registered drivers license. The cop threatens to take our Ids away and without hesitation cuffs me. I'm later thrown in jail without having my Miranda rights read or an explanation of why being arrested. I later find out it was for public intoxication. The arrest was held in south padre Texas during spring break so there was a quite amount of individuals arrested. I pleaded "guilty" just to get it over with before missing my flight.
Yes, the conviction will show on background checks. Since you plead guilty you can't even seal/expunge it. It is not...
I have been convicted of DWI four times. I'm wondering am I eligible for a CDL in the state of New Mexico
Just wanting to know because drivers get paid a lot more than what I'm making now.
The specficc answer will come from asking the dmv or searching the dmv website to see what are the requirements and...