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First time DUI in California
I was arrested yesturday morning for a DUI. I didn't realize that the night before's alcohol was stil in my system. I gave a breath and blood sample. I just turned 21, and am married to someone in the military, i was simply driving home from dropping him off at work. The officer said I blew a .08 or higher... My question is do i have any chance of getting out of this, or if not, do i at least have a chance of not having to serve anymore jail time? I've never been in trouble before and my husband will probebly be deploying soon and would much rather spend my time with him then in jail. Any classes i could take now before my court date to better my chances? Thank you!
Many people make this mistake driving with a hangover. For first offense you will probably get credit for time served,...
Should I enroll in a DUI class in the mean time so the judge see's i did something?
I got a DUI in 2012 in California, i was sentenced to community service & 3 months of DUI classes. I didn't complete this since i left the state shortly after to return home to take care of a dying family member. I now moved back to California and think i may have a warrant because i was supposed to complete this in a certain amount of time. I am in the process of finding a lawyer to help me get things taken care of
You can,but I would probably wait until you have a lawyer and the lawyer has had a chance to review the discovery.
Will a German DUI be notified to CA DMV? If not Would CA findout about this? Is failure to report an accident a FELONY?
I am getting charged with a DUI in Germany. They have my CA license, and wont return to me. The DUI also involves hit and run and not reporting it.
You're asking CA licensed attorneys questions about German Law. You need to contact an attorney in Germany.
Can a cop give you a DUI where you were not driving or in the car while they pull you over? and will this effect my CA License
I was escorted out of a bar where I was drinking in Munich Germany. I blew a .21 BAC once escorted out of the bar. The polizie said I had hit another car and he had witnesses. Honestly, I don't remember any hit and run.
You'll need to retain counsel in Munich, Germany. I'm only licensed in CA.
Is a third DUI a deportable offense?
I am charged with two DUIs. I had a prior DUI in 2008. I guess both DUIs are considered my third at this point because they are both in the misdemeanor court. One is from last year and the other is from the year before. If I plead to both DUIs, what are my chances of being deported? I am not a US citizen and have no green card. I've been deported for a drug charge before.
This seems like more of an immigration question. It is possible that you could avoid the penalties of the third time...
Will i be able to acquire a sentri pass with a previous DUI conviction?
i am about to apply for a sentri pass. i was convicted of a DUI in California 4 years ago. i have had no incidents, convictions, or violations since then.
A Sentri pass is never issued as a right, yet as a privilege to be admitted to the United States thus, if the...
How can we hold the drunk driver liable for the lost car?
My 20year old son lent his car to a friend. The friend was hit by an un insurred drunk driver. We have police report and whitness docs that proof the other driver was at fault. The car was a total loss and my son owes 10k on it.
Your son was a victim of a crime. Go to the DA's office in the area where the accident occurred. Indicate to them...