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Dwi in nyc
I asked this before but made an error. So ill ask again. I was stopped at a check pt in queens. Arrested and taken to the precinct. At the precinct I passed the movement/sobriety test but got a .09 on the breath test (not .08 as I stated before). I read for it to be dismissed it has to go to trial, but what are my other options? Can it be brought down to a violation and what kind? Does it affect my license?
A good lawyer should be able to negotiate a reduction to a traffic infraction. This will carry a 90 license suspension...
I had dwi can i take cdl b licence
I had been stop for drink driving, I blowing 0.78
Your best course of action contact a local attorney, either by email or phone, who will protect you and your rights....
What happens when i hit a person, who jaywalked and i didn't speed or was not drunk and did not do any illegal activity?
I was driving without speeding and i see this guy running and i try to stop but it was too close and hit the guy. But when i saw that person he wasn't injured that much but he did take a ambulance.
You should inform your auto insurance company immediately so you are protected. Your insurance policy requires that you...
Interlock device
I currently have the interlock restriction on my cdl as well as the K restriction with allowsme to work in NY only... I need to remove the K REStriction.. I was told to go to my employer and get a letter from them stating I will be using my cdl for work purposes only.. Will Dmv remove that K RESTRICTION once I show them the letter???:
Unfortunately you were given bad information. You can drive an employer's vehicle for work purposes but not if it...
Is my underage DWI still in my criminal record?
I got arrested 3 years ago when I was 17 for a DWI. My BAC was .8 % and I would like to know if is still showing up in my record or is that case automatically sealed? Where can I check my criminal record?
It is best to check directly with a criminal defense attorney in NY for a definitive answer. There are many great...
Interlock device....
I was convicted of A-DWI in April of last year... Sentenced to 3 Years probation. It's been over a year now and I have a job opportunity but I can't have the job unless I get the K REStriction removed from my license which ultimately requires the removal of the interlock device. What are my options? Should I go back in front of the judge and plead my case .. being thats it's for a career job opportunity , what are my chances of him removing the restriction? I live in NY , Nassau county... I haven't gotten into any trouble , I'm not a problem child... What can I do???
If it was a Nassau County case I would say the chances are poor.
DWI in Queens, NY
Can a DWI charge be lowered to disorderly conduct?I have read and heard both yes and no. I blew over .01 (0.9) at a precinct after arrested at check point and cannot afford to get even a dwai b/c it will affect my license and future career. What are my chances if I go to trial for dismissal?
It is up to the DA what to offer. Your chances at trial depend on how good your lawyer is, how you look on the video,...