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I was wondering if i can re open the case.
i had gotten a dwai in oct of 2013. when i was put in bookings, i didint get to see a a free lawyer to discuss what i should do on pleading for the case. i kept asking to see what i was being booked for, but nobody was telling me. i ended up in front of the judge pleading guilty or not to the case.
I have heard of the practice of people pleading guilty to DWAI at arraignments in Queens. Any lawyer that advises you...
NYS Law states "own or operate" must install IID. Why does court says "access" must install IID.
Include background information that will enable lawyers to answer your question.
I'm not sure what you are asking. But if you're ordered to have an IID because if a dwi then any car you drive must...
Can I get early release from felony dwi probation?
I was convicted of felony dwi in 2011 and sentenced to 5 years probation and 90 days jail time. I have followed all my terms and not been rearrested, haven't failed any drug test (never was submitted to 1). The one thing is I have fallen behind with my probation payments ($30/month) due to periods of unemployment and very low paying jobs. Is there a possibility I may be granted early release a couple a months in advance and continue to pay the fee afterwards? I need to try to get my drivers license back to be able to recertify and resume my career. Thanks for your time.
Based on what your wrote it is not likely. But you should check with the attorney who represented you.
Mandated by court to install IID DWI probation 3ys. license revoked own no cars. Do I still need to apply for IID
Include background information that will enable lawyers to answer your question.
No, but do not operate any vehicle unless it's equipped with IID. Tell your PO that you do not own any vehciles.
What does this charge operating in violating of restrictions mean ?
There was 4 charges all together and I just want to know that this one particular charge mean. Dwi Driving while intoxicated Aggravated dwi And operating in violating of restrictions.
It depends on what section of the vehicle and traffic law it is alleged that you violated. If this is a ticket for...
New York DWI, on probation, wants to go on a cruise to Bermuda. Probation officer said he needs the ok from the court.
Probation officer says he has not heard back from the court in 2 weeks for an ok to go on a cruise to Bermuda. How long does it take to get a decision and would the cruise ship allow him to go off the ship and onto the island which the ship is staying in Bermuda for 3 days. Would the Bermuda laws let him back on the ship and can we find out if his passport has been cancelled ?
Have you asked your attorney to ask the judge?
Can we challenge DMV if I hire lawyer ?
Two years ago I got my second dwi. I'm clear from everything but the DMV wanted to go for screening test Which is fine by me. I went to few different clinic to get the screening test they want me to do rehab for minimum 6 months even though I pass all my test including drug alcohol and all those questions they ask. I can't go to rehab 3 times a week. I work 6 days a week. I hardly make even financially , and I don't do drugs or drink alcohol anymore since I got my second dwi two and a half years almost. So I was wondering is it possible to challenge the DMV to change the judgement to anything else . Into Fine or etc. Thanks.
While you must be given due process when the DMV takes away your license, there is no such obligation when it comes to...