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How do I fire my DUI attorney if I haven't signed an engagement letter and how can I get my money back?
I would like to fire my attorney as I am unsatisfied with some of their practices. I have not signed an engagement letter and I would like services terminated immediately. I would also like the remainder of my money that I paid, but I am concerned that they will start doing things to rack up expenses on my account. I am not sure if I made a mistake, but I contacted the firm to request a breakdown of my expenses. Should I be concerned about this? How can I terminate services and get my money back? Thank you.
Call your lawyer and inform him or her you wish to terminate their services immediately and ask for a refund of your...
Can I obtain a California Finance Lenders license if I have misdemeanor convictions?
I had a misdemeanor conviction about 20 years ago, and I have disclosed this in obtaining my licenses with the California BRE and NMLS and my license in Florida too. Have been cleared each time before license issuance. Would this be a problem for a CFL license? Thank you.
probably not given the age of the conviction; however, particularly if it was for a financial crime, it could be a...
My question. I was involved in a car accident with a drunk driver. No insurance.
we hired a lawyer. From my understanding we can only really do anything regarding the medical part. This accident happened over 2 months ago and I just now got word that my car is a total loss. The collision place had my car over a month. I am now without a car and although I am getting some money back I don't find it fair that I'm out of a car and a good car with really low mileage. Is there anything I can do?
Get checked out by a doctor as soon as possible. You will probably need a lawyer to deal with the insurance companies...
I've had my green card and in good standing for at least 10 years however recently I was convicted of a DUI
My Greencard expires in 2020 can I apply now for naturalization or will it get denied? Or should I wait until 2020?
It would be necessary to review the court documents in your case to accurately answer your question. Consult with an...
My ex girlfriend totaled a car that I gave her in a DUI accident. Am I liable for damages?
I had the car insured up till the 1st of June, which is when I gave it to her, in exchange of my dog back.
If you are listed as the registered owner, you can potentially be liable (your insurance) up to $15,000. If the...
How much jail time Am I facing with my driving on a suspended license in 2010 and DUI charge in 2012?
In 2010 I received a driving on a suspended license and in 2013 I received a dui. I am ready to face the consequences. How much jail time am I facing and what happens after I go and out myself on calendar to talk to the judge? Will realignment help me since I was not sentenced to a violent crime ?
How much jail time you receive depends in part on your record and the severity of your crimes. You should meet with a...
Lost court-mandated programs paperwork after having a DUI 9 yrs ago and need to get my License back what should I do?
I finish all classes and payed all fine .when back to the place where I took the class to get copies and their no longer there.and didn't know I had to give it to the courts at that time I'm STUCK ..
You need an attorney to help clear up any warrant that may exist.