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Just turned 18 and received a possession of malt beverage citation, how do i get it taken off my record?
Was in a car at a concert and was drinking, police came by and wrote me a citation. Did not get breathalyzed, so I do not believe it is a drinking ticket. How do i get this removed from my record, and do i need a lawyer?
Don't put the cart before the horse. First hire a lawyer to "beat" the case (or at least to try... sadly, not...
Dui charges
An officer pulled me over and I did the field sobriety test.I failed it and it was raining heavly.he pulled me over at 11:30pm,the same day I was drinking till to 6pm,slept only 4hrs.I refused the chemical test and I asked for the blood test. It was my first time being arrest,if the blood test comes positive,is it anyway my case can be dismissed because I was drinking in the afternoon,slept 4hrs only and my first arrest?
No, the case will be all or nothing. Way to much to discuss to handle in this board.
How long after a DUI arrest is an inventory search typically conducted?
I was recently arrested for a DUI (within the last 48 hours). Drugs were present in the cab of my car. I expected to be charged with possession while I was being booked for the DUI due to an inventory search. However, my keys and wallet were returned to me and I was released. I'm concerned that the inventory search has not yet been conducted and I will be arrested when I arrive at the towing company to pick up my car.
If you were arrested for DUI in SC, you will need to repost your question to SC DUI/DWI defense and show your...
What do I do to get my license unrevoked
DMV revoked my license and I have a job interview coming up that requires a valid driver's license my car was not registered when I was pulled over but was registered a week after my court date and before the set time before it was supposed to be suspended
So your license is suspended for not handling a registration ticket? If so, a lawyer should be able to resolve the...
Why was I arrested for a DWI without proof that I was under the influence
I was leaving a family gathering and was going home down a dark backroad that I am not familiar with but ws following my brother in law and a car comimng from the opposite direction with bright lights was coming toward me. My boyfriend grabbed the wheel to avoid being hit bu the car and we crashed into some trees. I was unconscience when officers arrived.
The officer may have based his decision on any odors he smelled, any statements made by you or anyone else on the scene,...
Can I get my cased dismissed if the drug they charged me with is not the drug it actually was?
I was approached in a parking lot near the car I was driving for suspicious behavior. The cops search the car and found a bag with powder substance. One cop tested drug on spot and the cop said the test was positive for cocaine. The drug was not cocaine or anything like cocaine.
Its possible, but the charge may also be amemded. It would be wise to get help with this one.
DWI Level 5 Conviction and H1b Visa stamping
Hi, I was arrested for DWI on June 2015 (no accident/damage) North carolina , and got convicted for DWI Level 5 on Jan 10 2017. I am from India and kindly advise if this could affect my Visa stamping. I am with Family living in charlotte with two kids. I realized my mistake and even quit drinking. Also please advise if this could affect my h1b extension beyond six years( I 140 approved already). Thank you. Please let me know if you have any questions.
A DWI conviction may impact your visa issuance. Before departing the US you should consider speaking with an...