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I was arrested for dui less safe, and never received a copy of the dds 1205 form, but officer filed it with DDS.
I never received notice but requested an appeal and showed for the hearing, but the officer didn't. Was he in violation of georgia code for filing a false certificate, since I was never served and he swore on the form that I was? The officer also swore I was weaving but there is no video evidence and he originally stopped me for a taillight being out.
You need to be represented by an attorney skilled in these matters to take advantage of any potential defenses....
What is the blood level limit on a D.U.I. from taking hydrocodone acetometaphine 7.5 that was prescribed to me?
A car pulled out in front of me and I swerved to the right then slid for "250 feet" (according to gsp). I slightly wrecked the car.It was not damaged and my uncle pulled it out and my mom drove it home. I did a sobriety test that he said showed signs of intoxication (after working a 12 hour shift prior).He did not read any miranda rights; the entire process of the sobriety test was filmed. I was arrestedand taken to have blood drawn.
There is no specific blood level limit for prescription drugs. The fact it's prescribed means nothing. If the drug...
May 2012 Pulled over & arrested DUI script drugs, child endangerment scripts wrong containers. Yesterday get ARRAIGNMENT ltrhelp
May 2012 this happened. I had the scripts at the time, I'm disabled. Made me do the road side test in the grass bad balance to begin with. Help what do I do court is next week 6th
You need to consult with an attorney. The attorney can deal with the court and prosecutor's office to help find a...
I was involved in an accident and i left i had a shot of whiskey after i got home how can they charge me 4 dui
how can they prove i was drinking at the time of the accident. I refused to blow breath test
That will be the issue at trial. Since you refused to take a test you only have 10 days to request an administrative...
Why are you asked to take a breath test on the scene of the arrest and again in lock up?
I took a breath analyzer on the scene of the arrest for DUI after I was taken to lock up the arresting officer asked me to take another one, why is that so
The test at the scene is to detect the presence of alcohol, but those results are not admissible in court as evidence...
Arrested for DUI, carrying open container and speeding. Pre-trial diversion ends in 3 weeks. What next?
How can records for this crime be accessed if the charges are dismissed? How can justice be served if another crime of the same nature is committed after the program is over and the records are expunged?
You will probably be kicked out of the pre-trial diversion program and have to contend with the DUI charges again in...
What happens to the records of someone who was in a pre-trial diversion program for DUI?
If this person commits another crime of the same nature AFTER they have completed their program how does the system know it is not their first time offense? Is there anyway to access these records after completion of the pre-trial diversion program completion?
Your record is always available to prosecutors, law enforcement and certain government agencies. An expungement only...