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I have the ignition interlock device. Is there any way to receive my regular license without this thing.
My name is Ron....I have a a-2 driving restriction. The dwi was in 2007 and in 2015 I received my license back after waiting the 5 happen way before the new law.
DMV rules are different the the Penal Law and the requirement of the Penal Law. DMV can make a condition of your...
A serious driving offence in NY new DWI laws consist of what
i had a DWI in 2007 and the DMV took my license for an extra 5 years and said I could reapply in Feb 2014 . I don't know what place I fall in the new laws.
I assume you also have a new DWI conviction. You will receive a one year suspension plus an additional five year...
Can you be pulled over for driving without a license after giving your name to police in an unrelated matter?
The police were called for a civil matter and I gave my name and address when asked. Later, the same officer pulled me over and charged me with 2ND degree aggravated unlicensed operation and claimed that my suspension came up on his plate reader. The vehicle isn't registered to me, and the registrant has a valid license so his statement about the plate reader is false. While he could have come up with any reason for the stop, he claimed it was the suspension. Is this acceptable? Thank you.
The is no search and seizure issue with the police doing a DMV search so if the Officer found out your license was...
How does a DUI conviction in the state of Vermont effect license suspension in the state of New York?
I was arrested for a DUI in the state of Vermont. My license is going to be suspended. I am also facing a civil suspension. In Vermont, the suspensions will run concurrent. How will this effect my license in NYS?
An out of state conviction for DUI will result in your NY License being revoked for at least 90 days. If you are less...
How can I sue a drunk driver?
I was involved in an incident late on the night of the 17th, the other drive was 19, drunk, not wearing a seatbelt and had open containers in her vehicle. She has been charged with more tickets pending, I would like to know how to sue her for my expenses and pain and suffering and my car which is a total write off.
I am sorry to hear about your unfortunate incident. You should consult with a personal injury lawyer who can best...
After winning a refusal hearing, is it possible to get a DUI charge dropped against you?
Today I had my second DMV refusal hearing after a 6 month wait because the officer didn't appear the first time. We were successful in arguing the shotty paperwork. Today was a huge relief. We no longer need a DUI to be eligible for a conditional license since we won the refusal and I am wondering based on past experiences what a court is likely to do. They have no BAC and a defendant that won his refusal case. Is it possible to only receive the initial speeding ticket? or maybe plead guilty to a more serious traffic infraction?
Congratulations but the fact that you won your refusal hearing has no bearing on the outcome of the DWI case.
What paperwork must a cop submit to a refusal hearing if they fail to show up?
I have my second refusal hearing coming up in a few days. My first one was adjourned because the cop didn't show. No paperwork was submitted the first time. I'm trying to find out what needs to happen to have a decent chance at winning this hearing. If the officer doesn't show up again, is a police report enough information?
There needs to be a "report of refusal" submitted to the hearing judge. Depending on the location, if the officer does...