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What advice do you have?
The day I found out I was pregnant I stopped using meth. Well my bf was still using when I delivered both baby and I tested positive for it. My 3 yr old was also tested and she was positive. She spent a lot of time at her biological fathers house who was using. They have took both into custody. I'm doing my parenting classes I've already done my drug and alcohol assessment. I'm just really needing advice on probability that I will have them returned. How long does it normally take?
You need to get a private attorney on your side to investigate all of the facts and circumstances, and then be able to...
If the officer who gave you a ticket doesn't show up will the DUI charges be dropped?
My step-daughter got a DUI, and my husband thinks that if the officer who gave her the ticket doesn't show up to court that the charges will be dropped. Her blood alcohol content is on record, and she hit a stop sign. She was also charged for having drug paraphernalia. She is 18. In Illinois she received a drinking ticket at age 17.
If the officer is not there at made the initial arrest, then the state will most likely ask for a continuance and...
I am defending myself in a dui case, do i have the right to know what kind of intoxilizer machine they used? Are they allowed ?
My wife called, and they said they couldn't give out that information.
If they can, you need to make a written discovery request asking for it. But you really shouldn't be defending a DUI...
Is it possible to get parole for a felony DUI?
My friend was just sentenced to 10 years in prison for a DUI involving an injury of another driver. He had also had a prior charge of auto burglary (in which he didn't take anything from the vehicle, but I guess that doesn't matter). He was placed on the Diversions program for the burglary charge, and then a year into the program, he received the DUI charge. With his charges, will he ever be eligible for parole, and if so when? Thank you very much.
Mississippi law differs widely from California law as do the correctional departments in both states. However, parole...
DUI in Florida, Trying to get license in Mississippi
Hi, I had my license suspended over a year ago in Florida. I moved to Mississippi. My 1 year suspension date has passed, can I get license in Mississippi? I called florida nad they claim I have to pay $350 and jump through all sorts of hoops.
You will have to obtain a "Letter of Clearance" from the Florida Dept. of Motor Vehicles. This usually involves...
DUI arrest expungement possible?
If my DUI was non adjudicated and dismissed does the arrest get dismissed or so I need to expunge it
You will need to consult with an attorney about the procedure to file a motion for expungement of the arrest record....
DUI expongement possible?
Non adjudicated DUI Dismissed First offense Refusal of breathalyzer
The answer to your question should be a lot simpler but the Mississippi legislature keeps changing the DUI law every...