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Is it commom to have to send $250.00 to absolute advocasy in charlotte,nc just so they can tell me what i need to satisfy nc?
After a dui in nc, 1996,i satisfied the court but not dmv. Just let my license go. Moved to sc in 2004 but never attempted to get license back. In 2007 got a dui,dus. In august 2014 i paid $250.00 for assesment, enrolled in adsap in sc, and sr22 insurance. I have 7 more adsap classes plus $500.00 more to complete but sc dmv will still not be satisfied untill nc takes thier hold off. Is there no other way to deal with nc so i can also attempt to get a provisional or restricted? NEED ALL THE HELP CAN GET!!! Thank youi
You will have to deal with NC. You need to contact the DMV and see if they will accept what you are doing in SC....
Can I get privileges or appeal my suspension from 2 DUI's in 1 month to get them back earlier?
I got 2 DUI's within 1 month and lost my license till 2015 and been gettin by but really need them back now. I heard I can appeal each DUI and get 1 yr off each 1 but not sure. I could even settle for driving to work privileges if possible.
It is impossible to determine whether you are eligible for a limited driving privilege based on the limited information...
If I have a probation violation for DWI an driving while license revoked how cam I get violated without been convicted yet.
On federal probation an got caught driving(no license) an DWI.
Because a probation violation does not require proof beyond a reasonable doubt or a conviction. Sometimes we can make...
How to get something off my recorded before or at my curt trail
I was involved in a single car accident and airlifted to the hospital at the seen of the accident the officer charge me with DWI without nothing to indicate that I was impaired when the officer arrived to the hospital my blood alcohol level was .04 knowing that I wasn't impaired she charged me with reckless driving to endanger
How were you airlifted to the "seen" of the accident that was at the hospital? If you already at the hospital why didn'...
Will I be able to get my license back in 2016 or April 2017?
I was charged with a dui in January 2015. I did not blow. My lawyer set up a hearing with the dmv for July 2015 about the refusal. The result of the hearing with the dmv was that I was guily. At this point I received a paper in the mail that said my suspension ran from july 2015-July 2016. I, then, went to court in April of 2016, where I was also found guilty. I had another piece of mail that was delivered to my mother's house, stating I would lose my license from April 2016-April 2017. This seems like a mistake. I shouldn't have to be punished twice.
Sorry, but this is not a mistake. You received two different suspension. The first suspension was under NCGS 20-16.2...
Is the statute of limitations up on a DUI after 11 years and no court?
I got a DUI n 2005 in North Carolina , I moved out of state never went back, n I have called numerous times for another court date. Never to receive one. How do I get my license back? Is time up?
If you were served with process and you left the state, the statute of limitations is not an issue. The case was...
My bac restriction ended on april 15, 2016. Do I have to go down to dmv to get new licence without the restriction?
Got dui Feb 11 2011. Went to court had breathalyzer thrown out but still got dui . Had bac restriction on until april 15, 2016. It is four months past that date. Do I have to go to dmv to get new licence without restriction
You should go to the DMV and get a new license without the restriction on it. The problem is that the police will see,...