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I have an IA licence...DUI in IL. I got court supervision. How long is the summery suspension? SR22? other requirements in IA?
What are Iowa's rules and requirements?
The suspension in Illinois will be for 6 months if you took the breathalyzer and failed or 12 months if you refused. I...
How is not ILLEGAL that Illinois can prevent me from getting reinstated after getting a DWI In MO the state I resided, worked?
I got a DWI In state of MO 2008 where myself and kids lived. I went to court where I resided in MO and was sentenced probation & given a list of requirements to get lisence back. Completed them and had proof of sr22 and breathalyzer in car and when time came to reinstate my lisence I was told to call Illinois as they had put a hold on me keeping me from reinstating lisence in MO. I called and was told I had to basically complete all the same stuff( as MO required AGAIN? What?) and pay all Illinois rediculous fees for them to lift hold. I paid state taxes in MO, worked MO and had a home in MO, kids in school there, so how is that even legal? If other states that i had at one time resided in can give all the requirements and demands of another states driving offenses to make money will i go through same thing from another or all other states where i had live at some time and give same consequences will I to pay for my MO driving offense while living there in all other states I've lived once Illinois will reinstate my lisence or lift hold?
Were you holding an Illinois license at the time of your MO DUI?
How soon do you lose your license after your second DUI?
Two Dui
You will be notified of the Secretary of State if any statutory summary suspensions will go into affect. Typically 46...
Can you be drug tested at a home visit
I just eant to know
"Home visit" from pre-trial services? Parole agent? Probation officer? Sure, it's possible. It all depends on the...
I had a misdemeanor DUI 5 yrs ago and was on court supervision for a year and never lost my license so can I get a CDL?
Hoping to obtain a CDL for work
You can apply and obtain a CDL after a DUI if your license to drive is not currently suspended or revoked for any reason.
If I plea bargain to supervision on a DUI charge will I be able to reinstate my US E1 visa since this is seen as a conviction?
Hello, I am a Canadian citizen that travels to and from the US providing free filtered water at events. My company is Canadian and I had an E1 visa with them. I recently was involved in a DUI charge in Illinois. My visa was revoked. I will loose my job if I cannot get my visa back. My DUI lawyer advises since I have a clean record in Canada and the US and my BAC was .124 that I plea to supervision. My other option is to try and fight it completely and get it dropped. This is a riskier option but if supervision will prevent me from getting an E1 visa then I have no choice but to fight it in order to keep my job. I will need an immigration Lawyer once my DUI is handled to attempt to get my visa back but need to know the correct course of action in the DUI case in order to make an informed decision. Basically if the Visa will be denied if I am given supervision I will need to attempt to get the charges dropped but will not do that if I can still work in the US with supervision. Thank you for your time,
Best option under the circumstances is for your criminal defense attorney "to fight it out" and seek to cancel your DUI...
Do I have to wear an ankle bracelet if my charge was reduced to reckless
I was pulled over for speeding I had a few beers but I wasn't drunk ive done the field test but he says I failed blew a .084 at the police station. I had a first DUI 11 years ago I don't feel like my case was handled correctly
That is determined by the judge. And the quality of your lawyer.