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My friend was recently arrested for his second dui in less than a year. His bail as set at 1o,000 and will take 1,000 to bond ou
t. if no one pahys the bond and he sits in jail is he still responsible for the 10,000?
What do you make of this DUI story?
2 years ago I was pulled over and had been drinking. I was placed into custody after failing a field sobriety test. I explained to the officer that I felt suicidal. I was immediately taken to a hospital where I was then transported to a crisis center the following morning. After spending a week there, I come home and find a letter that my license has been suspended. Blood tests showed that I was way over the limit. I made a few phone calls about what hoops I need to jump through to take care of this. A fine, interlock and some classes and I'd be back on track. A great job came my way and of course I told them I had a DUI a few months ago. That would have prevented me from getting the job, but strangely enough they could not find a single thing in my record. I never spent a day in court and to this day, it has never shown up on any record
You were never charged criminally. Dps revoked your license because you had enough alcohol in your blood to warrant a...
Statue of limitations on a DUI
My husband received a failure to stop, suspended drivers license back in 10/2013. The case is still ongoing because every time my husband goes to court they claim his application was not filled out correctly. The judge orders him to get another form and come back to the court room to get it approved by him. My husband gets the form filled out and returns it to the judge who approves it and sets another court date. We got back to court the following month and the judge says the application was not filled out correctly yet again so we have to go thru the whole process again and again it gets approved by the judge. Well needless to say we return to court and again the my husband was told his form was not filled out correctly. Mind you this has happened a total of 5 times. I might add that they changed my husbands charges to DUI 2nd offense, He has never received a 1st DUI so how can a county charge him with his 2nd. He had an obstruction of a highway 9 years ago in Texas and this new charge is in Oklahoma. Can a judge approve an application upon departure from court and then turn around upon returning to court and denying it? Please help!!
A judge can basically do whatever they want with the only check being an appeal. Hire an attorney.
Do I need a DUI and a crimale lawyer because I have a DUI change and fleeing and aluding and unschange stopping a o
Driving and got pulled over tuck off got charged with DUI fleding and aluding obstructing an officer on failure to change lane with left turn signal Black Bush driving endangerment and I'm on probation in another state and already have one DUI what to do
You should be ok if you hire one criminal attorney that is experienced with both types of charge. An experienced...
DUI dropped to reckless but I am licensed n a separate state
Okay I was stopped for suspicion of DUI, I have a Class A n my home state, North Dokata dropped it to reckless but suspended my driving privileges for 91 days for a regular vechile and my Class A for a year. While I was home n Oklahoma I pulled my MVR and it wasn't on there, still shows I have a Class A and a perfect driving record n Oklahoma, what will happen as far as Oklahoma is concerned.
This will catch up to you. Make sure you satisfy the requirement in North Dakota. Keep checking your DL so that if a...
Oklahoma dui
I lost my license to a dui in Oklahoma I received 3 yrs suspension and 2 yrs of a interlock device if I do a 5 yr suspension will that void out the interlock device I don't have a vehicle I can use solely for myself
Check with the prosecutor. It will be up to them.
Can I still go to jail for a dui after a month?
I crashed and got a dui. I was the only one in the wreck. I went to the ER and the officer left my citations with me. I was never arrested. On the citation it's checked off with jail and for the fine it says court appearance required but there isn't a date on it. I called and asked about it but there's nothing in the system and they told me to call back some other time or bring in the citation. Would I get arrested if I take the citation in?
Probably not. I wouldn't go in. I would just keep calling once a week to see if you get charged. Maybe you get lucky.