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How do we resolve a Georgia DDS requirement for an Interlock Ignition waiver from a Florida judge?
My son received a second DUI while visiting Key West Florida 13 years ago. He had a Georgia license at the time. He has since moved to Ohio, and when he tried to get an Ohio license he found out Georgia has suspended his GA license because he never had an Interlock Ignition device installed. The Florida DMV sent a letter to the GA DDS stating that no Interlock Ignition device was required, and that he has met all Florida requirements for license reinstatement. GA DDS is telling my son the information in the letter is what they need, but it must come from a judge, not the DMV. The office of the sentencing judge says the judge cannot provide a waiver for a GA requirement. Impasse.
Contact an attorney in your area who practices DUI/DWI law. They are the best source of information to find out how to...
If both parties are drunk, can they have sex, and possible one get into a legal situation?
If both parties are drunk, can they have sex, and possible one get into a legal situation?
This question is so vague that no answer is possible. Drunk people as well as sober people have sex. You would not be...
What happens when a KY resident is convicted of a first offense DUI that occurred in Florida? Does KY uphold the decision?
Individual was arrested for DUI while in Florida but resides in KY. Court case is pending and individual has plead not guilty. No children or minors in car, no injuries. First DUI offense. Will individual loose their driving rights interstate? Does the court generally give jail town for out of state offenders? Offense occurred in Marion County, Florida.
If it went on your record, yes Kentucky will get notice of conviction and will apply it.
Is a dismissal for want of prosecution in a dui case final?
This case has been over 21 years ago.
As a practical matter, after 21 years, it is final.
Can a court appointed attorney get a DUI charged pleaded down or dropped?
This is in the state of KY and they draw blood where i am from which I had done.
A court appointed attorney can do anything a privately retained attorney can. Stay in close contact with your attorney...
Is it possible to get an AI charged dropped or pleaded down with a court appointed attorney?
It is in the state of KY
Attorney needed
i was recently arrested for a 3rd dui in ky what am i looking at. ive been offered 6 months
You should be looking for an experienced criminal/DUI defense attorney in your home state. I practice in Illinois, and...