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Got cited for speeding and failure to install iid. But it was the company car. Will the courts kick me out of diversion?
No criminal history. First time offender for duii. Currently in diversion.
It's a condition of your diversion that you not drive without an interlock device. You will likely receive a letter...
I was charged but not arrested for duii and reckless driving in oregon. What should I do next?
I consented to a breathalyzer and a urine test then was taken to the precinct took the tests and was released. There were no passengers in the vehicles I struck and I blew a 0.04.
Sounds like you were arrested but not charged. Report the accident to your insurance carrier. Be truthful with them...
If my conviction says my license is suspended 3 years, how can the DMV now say it is a 5 year?
In 2010 I was convicted of DUI, Assault 3, and Failure to perform duties as a driver. I did time and received a 3 year DMV suspension. I got out Aug 19, 2012. I waited one full year and I applied for a hardship license. I followed all the steps and was approved. In 2013, I am POSITIVE it was only for two years. In a couple days it will be two years on hardship with NO infractions. I called them today and they said I have another year of hardship and 3 additional years with an SR22. DMV quoted § 809.411¹ (C). Are they right? I am POSITIVE when I went through the process it was only for two years.
If you received a three suspension I assume the enhanced suspension was due to you having a previous conviction in the...
I blew a 0.07 on a breathalyzer. Do you suggest a lawyer for the hearing? What are my chances of dismissal if I don't get one?
Legal breathalyzer limit is 0.08 in OR. I just got off a 16-hour shift and had 2 beers. I was dog-tired, not intoxicated, when I was given the sobriety tests. I have astigmatism so my eyes will jerk with a light directed at them. I also have ADHD so I have difficulty following multiple instructions so I failed the Walk-&-Turn test which is hard to pass even with no alcohol. If I arm myself with documentation of my 16-hour shift, astigmatism, and ADHD, what are my chances of getting my case dismissed at the hearing if I represented myself? I really can’t afford a lawyer and would like to slay this dragon at the onset. Do you have any other suggestions? Would you advise my writing a letter to the judge or DA? Thank you!
I am not licensed in Oregon, so out of respect for any experienced DUI attorney from Oregon who may respond to your...
My ten years from sentencing for my third DUI in Portland Oregon is up in 9/2015. How much to petition the courts for license?
I haven't had any driving offenses since. I have a job. I transfer schools in the fall and need to be able to get their. Has anyone been through this yet? I have been told this is a fairly new process. Thank you for your time.
No one on here can quote you a fee because that would be considered solicitation and that is prohibited by the rules....
Can I get a Failure to perform duties as a Driver expunged or reduced to a misdemeanor?
In 2005, i got a DUI, Assault 3, and a failure to perform duties as a driver (felony). It has been about 10 years since the conviction. I have finished all state programs, paid all fines and restitution, no probation, violations, no police contact, or anything criminal since that horrible night. Is there any hope for me? At least a reduction to misdemeanor?
The operative statute in Oregon is at ORS 161.705: "Reduction of certain felonies to misdemeanors. Notwithstanding ORS...
Is there a statute of limitations to being required to have a breathalyzer in your vehicle after a duii oregon. 2010 - 2015
I've waited five years hoping to avoid renting a breathalyzer device.
To get your Oregon license fully reinstated after a DUII conviction, you must first wait out the suspension period, and...