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I got an underage drinking citation. I blew a .011, so it was almost all out of my system. I was found guilty and need to appeal
I am 20 and will be 21 on April 29. I drank one miller highlife back in february and the resident assistant on my campus decided to call the cops on three of us. They got the first offenders program. However, I had that last year and I deserved it. This year is another story. I am not lying when I say I only had "one beer". Is there any law about blowing below a .02 for a safety net. Because that could be mistaken for mouth wash but I am not going to lie and say I didn't consume any alcohol. We were in a campus room and there was no driving involved. Thank you, I have until April 26 to appeal.
You seem to be confessing guilt and sufficiency of the evidence, however, also wishing to appeal. Underage drinking,...
Should I plead not guilty to an underage drinking?
I'm 18 and in college. Last week an RA called the cops on me for being visibly drunk when I was on my way to my room. Half an hour later, the police are banging on my door. They decided to send me to the hospital and give me an underage. They didn't breathalyze me or take any blood tests, nor did they at the hospital. I basically just don't want to pay $650, my Student Life advisor said I could probably get the underage fine dropped if I plead not guilty and go to court in front of a magistrate, I might just have to do community service and pay court fees. Does anybody know if I have any chance at paying less money if I carry this out and take it to court? Thanks in advance.
Pleading not guilty and taking it before the magistrate is definitely the right course of action. You are likely to be...
What if a DUI case is 'active' but nothing happens.
I have just looked up my record and there is an 'active' case 'pending arraignment' form 2008. But my dmv records do not reflect anything and I have not gotten any mail. I even remember paying fines on a different matter and nothing was told to me about anither pending case. What should I do? Is there a stature of limitation on these sort of things?
My first concern for you would be that there is an outstanding bench warrant for you. Retain an attorney to investigate...
If one was convicted of DUI in West Virginia 5 years ago. Then gets convicted in Pennsylvania. Sentencing guidelines?
If one was convicted of DUI in West Virginia 5 years ago. Then gets convicted in Pennsylvania. Do you get sentenced as a 2nd offense? If so, to what states guidelines? And where will incarceration be served?
You probably will be sentenced for a second offense under PA law and serve time in PA.
Will my specific BAC matter if I'm over the 0.02 limit anyway or are the consequences lessened the lower the BAC?
I was arrested for a DUI two weeks ago and I am still waiting for my lab results with my official BAC to be sent to my house. I was pulled over about 4 hours after I stopped drinking alcohol and I consumed 5 bottles of water before leaving. I blew a 0.067; which would be okay if I was over 21, but alas I am only 20. Then there was roughly an hour and a half to two hours between the Breathalyzer and getting my blood drawn at the hospital. Will my BAC results come back significantly different than my breath test, or no?
In most cases, I have found that the breathalyzer reads higher than the blood draw. This is usually because people...
Do the costs/fines must be paid even though it is not listed in the DL Restoration Letter? Is there a statute of limitations?
I was received a DUI in 2011. I completed all the requirements listed in my DL Restoration Letter. The court will not certify that I have not completed the requirements of the Highway Safety Program because the fines & court costs remain unpaid. The fines & costs are not listed in the DL restoration letter. I only learned this by calling the Clerk of Courts. The fines & costs have been moved to a collections agency, which I confirmed today.
In most states a court / dmv will not reinstate your license when there are fees owed on a case but contact a local DUI...
I'm looking for advice, or information on how these underage DUI cases go. What should I do? What is the most likely outcome?
I'm 20 years old. I got pulled over for speeding going home from my friend's party this past weekend. I was breathalyzed and blew a 0.067. So I'm facing a DUI, underage, and a speeding ticket. I have never been in any kind of trouble before, I've never even had a detention! I was told that I am eligible for the ARD program and I have the potential to get this expunged from my record, which I want to take advantage of, of course. I have absolutely NO idea what I'm getting into or what is going to happen to me and my future.
You are best served to retain a qualified criminal defense lawyer in the Pittsburgh area for representation for your...