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Unclassified Misdemeanor DWI was not driving was parked 5 mins later as i was exiting car I was arrested after sobriety tests.
I took breath analyzer test pen test walking testing, car was not impounded was not given phone call still have not received property. i have a mental disability asked for medical attention not until four or five hrs later was i taken to hospital cleared me as not intoxicated with blood test. I was asked again at police station to take breath analyzer, i refused i needed medical attention was having severe anxiety panic attacks admitted for 8 days in psych ward were i was put back on my medication as I have chronic bipolar disorder and ADHD.
Do you have a question? It sounds like you have a possible defense that an aggressive defense attorney could work with.
Urine chemical tests for DWAI/DWI
I enjoy the occasional joint of marijuana here and there. I have a friend who was arrested for a DWAI - drugs when he was high driving and they urine tested him. I do not drive high, I would be too worried about something happening. I am however worried that if I am legitimately tired or suffering from allergies and the officer believes I am high. Can he then give me a urine test, which would show cannabis in your system up to 30 days? Can they actually arrest you and charge you with this based on your urine? How can they prove it was in your system at the time of driving?
They can arrest for common-law intoxication where they believe, based upon their training and experience, that you are...
Can a person who is currently on TASC after a DWI go away on a week vacation?
Last year, my boyfriend was pulled over for driving under the influence of alcohol. The court referred him to TASC, but he was unable to attend the interview due to his newly obtained job. After months of back and forth to court, the notion of probation was introduced. The judge was nice to re-offer TASC as an alternative to probation if the program allowed him to be reinstated. The interview with TASC has now been set up for this upcoming week. Now, over the last couple of months, we planned week trip to the Caribbean. I would like to know if going on vacation is acceptable since it was booked and planned before we knew anything was going to happen. Does anyone have any suggestions on what steps should be taken and whether TASC allows circumstances of this sort. Thank you in advance.
If the vacation will interfere with doing TASC I suggest you reschedule the vacation. Don't forget that TASC is an...
Will Nicotine violate juvenile probation new york
I get tested at a drug and alcohol rehab and they do test for nicotine. Will a positive for nicotine violate this?
Look at the terms and conditions of your probation or ask your PO.
If I have a conditional license will I definitely be reinstated at the end if I have done everything successfully?
My limited understanding is that develops will now look back at my records (4 drinking related convictions) and now revoke my license? Is this true ? Will they look at out of state licenses?
The 1st question to ask is why do you currently have a conditional license? Was it suspended or revoked? Consult with...
How did a 2002 DWI .10% alcohol conviction drop off my NYS DMV Abstract after 10 years & now reappear on latest abstract 1 week
How did a 2002 DWI .10% alcohol conviction drop off my NYS DMV Abstract after 10 years & now reappear on latest abstract 1 week ago?
theh should always be a permanent part of your driving abstract. The 10 year rule relates to the time in which a...
How can I go about finding out exactly what to do to get my license back, and am I eligible for a conditional?
My license has been an absolute mess for quite some time-I had 47 suspensions at one point, but believe I have gotten it down to about 20-something. Every time I call different places, they tell me different things. I know I owe a lot of money, but I need to know exactly how much I am looking at. Mt license got this way because of the lifestyle I chose to live. I now have almost 14 months clean, and in the last year, my mother was diagnosed with cancer and my father passed away very suddenly, and I am unexpectedly pregnant. I am trying to help support my children, and am finding it difficult to get work hours and get there on time. Is there any hardship or conditional license that I may be eligible for? This is by far the most frustrating financial burden I have ever had, and am ready to start tackling this. But I need to know how to go about finding out exactly what to do to get my license back as soon as possible. Please let me know what you can!
This is not something that we can help you with over a Q&A forum like this. This will definitely require you hiring an...