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  • Police Search for Man Who Stole Wallet

    Tuesday Nov 24 | via 

    Suffolk County Crime Stoppers and Suffolk County Police's Sixth Squad detectives are seeking help to identify and locate a man who stole a wallet in August. On Aug. 8, the victim left his wallet in his Ford Explorer parked at PK Metals, located at 3542 Route 112 in Coram.


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  • Suffolk cop accused of stealing from Latino drivers ...

    Wednesday Nov 18 | via Newsday 

    A Suffolk police officer arrested in a sting operation designed to catch him stealing from Latino motorists admitted he took money almost as soon as police stopped him, a fellow sergeant testified Wednesday during a pretrial hearing. And when Scott Greene, 51, since retired, realized he was being investigated for doing it repeatedly, he told the officers that he was "disgusted" with himself... A Suffolk police officer arrested in a sting operation designed to catch him stealing from Latino motorists admitted he took money almost as soon as police stopped him, a fellow sergeant testified Wednesday during a pretrial hearing.


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  • Attorney and victim's brother say body found after M...

    Tuesday Nov 17 | via Newsday 

    Firefighters work at the scene of a fatal fire in Medford early on the morning of Nov. 16, 2015. Photo Credit: Stringer News Service A burned body found in a Medford garage after a fire Monday is the home's former owner -- a man released from federal jail in March after serving time for masterminding an elaborate marijuana-growing operation, his brother and attorney said Tuesday.


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  • SCPD Arrest 3 People in Connection to 2013 Shooting ...

    Oct 21, 2015 | via 

    October 21, 2015 - Suffolk County Police have arrested three people in connection with the shooting death of a Flanders man that occurred on January 27, 2013. Suffolk County Police Homicide Squad detectives arrested Michael Parrish, 26, of Coram , Danielle Hall, 39, of Calverton and Corry Wallace, 40, of Riverhead on October 20, 2015 and charged them with Murder 2nd Degree.


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Coram Law

Unclassified Misdemeanor DWI was not driving was parked 5 mins later as i was exiting car I was arrested after sobriety tests.
I took breath analyzer test pen test walking testing, car was not impounded was not given phone call still have not received property. i have a mental disability asked for medical attention not until four or five hrs later was i taken to hospital cleared me as not intoxicated with blood test. I was asked again at police station to take breath analyzer, i refused i needed medical attention was having severe anxiety panic attacks admitted for 8 days in psych ward were i was put back on my medication as I have chronic bipolar disorder and ADHD.
Do you have a question? It sounds like you have a possible defense that an aggressive defense attorney could work with.
Urine chemical tests for DWAI/DWI
I enjoy the occasional joint of marijuana here and there. I have a friend who was arrested for a DWAI - drugs when he was high driving and they urine tested him. I do not drive high, I would be too worried about something happening. I am however worried that if I am legitimately tired or suffering from allergies and the officer believes I am high. Can he then give me a urine test, which would show cannabis in your system up to 30 days? Can they actually arrest you and charge you with this based on your urine? How can they prove it was in your system at the time of driving?
They can arrest for common-law intoxication where they believe, based upon their training and experience, that you are...
My friend's car was impounded following at arrest for drunk driving in NYS but is likely to get the car back?
My friend was arrested for driving while intoxicated and blew a 0.09 at the precinct a little over a week ago. He was released the next day as it was his first offense. He was driving a friends car however and it is impounded in Nassau County. He went to the court once after the arrest and he cannot drive for 30 days and has to reappear in court in January. The owner of the car and the driver have to go get the car in about 2 weeks but apparently it is possible to have the car taken away. Is there a good chance for the car to be given back since it was not the drivers car?
There is a strong chance the car will be returned. There is a an innocent owner argument to be made on the owner's side....
Can you travel out of the country on a conditional discharge?
I have been convicted of dwi refusal and sentenced to a conditional discharge. The form which outlines the conditions of my discharge does not specifically mention travel restrictions but does state "follow the instructions of probation department in carrying out these conditions." I have not been assigned a probation officer to direct inquiries to.
Unless the court has given you directions not to travel outside of the country then you should be fine. Also, if you...
Does pre-conviction suspension in a DWAI ruling count towards the mandatory 90 day suspension?
I was arrested for drunk driving back in June in Suffolk County, NY. Long story short, I was ruled with a DWAI as long as i completed 50 hours community service and I'm assuming I must complete the DDP. I finished the service early and I'm waiting to go back to find out the rest. I received my conditional license and I can only do the essentials with that, but I hear I get my license back for 20 days on my next appearance. I was just wondering if the time passed counts towards that 90 day mandatory suspension or if it doesn't start until after I'm convicted, which technically has not happened yet?
No the time that you have been suspended for the suspension pending prosecution does not count toward the mandatory 90...
I have valid passport and in that time I received a class E felony. Two DWI's within 10 years. Will I be able to travel abroad.
I believe this is "unauthorized use of a motor vehicle"
If you are talking about US passport, this question is outside of the scope of this forum,
3 ALOCHOL offense in ny will revoke me for ten years. Does that apply if i move to Ga. After i finish my court sentence?
Basically after i finish my revocation with the courts... can the 10 yr NY dmv band affect me moving out to Georgia to get a license?
The Georgia motor vehicle commission will likely ask you in an application whether you have a suspension in any other...