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Can i get a DUI reduced to careless driving, if my BAC was .128?
i was involved in an accident, with no serious bodily injury. Blood was taken for a BAC reading. the result was .128. I received two tickets, one for careless driving and the other for DUI. For the purpose of work, it would'nt be convinent to have it reduced only to reckless driving. So please i want to know is possible
"For the purpose of work, it would'nt be convinent to have it reduced only to reckless driving." Look, you are far...
Can I sue the judge or state & civil court?
April 16, 2015 I've been doing drug test is back to back for no apparent reason.. I never tested positive for any drug I've been doing drug classes monthly drug testing every time I go to court I drug test and I am negative .. So now the court want me to drug test three times a week The state said they don't have any information of me drug testing sense November 2015 but I've been doing monthly drug testing since they put me On probation in November.. This is causing a lot of stress on me i'm starting to get depressed because I done everything I had to do since this case open.. I found it really pathetic for them to continue to drug test me for no apparently reason this is the only thing holding me back from getting my daughter back in my custody so yes I would like to sue them for emotionally distressed .. I need a personal lawyer for this help..
No, you cannot sue the Judge or State in civil court for orders entered in your criminal case. If you disagree with...
Why I have to keep drug testing if it's been a year in I never tested positive?
My case been open sense April 15 2015 ,.. I been drug testing sense 2015 till now I even had drug classes , I got to a place once a month to drug test.. I NEVER test positive.. So I recently went to court in now they telling me I have to drug test 3x a week for 3 months.. I've been through so many drug testing , I drug test every time I go to court I'm always negative .. In order for me to get my daughter back in my custody I have to continue to drug test but I don't understand I don't do drugs never tested positive for any drugs all I want is my daughter back.. I did everything they asked me to do EVERYTHING .. My legal aid don't represent me correctly she agrees with the state .. I need help! Just trying to get this case close ..
As I do not know all the details of your case, I cannot simply answer your why question. However, if you are unhappy...
Is DUI Dismissal equivalent to non-guilt?
So I took a breath test and it was over the limit (allegedly). My DUI case was Dismissed because of expiration of speedy trial date (yes I filed the motion for discharge and won, state didn't appeal it). Question: 1. Is this considered a dismissal with prejudice and therefore it's equivalent to "Not Guilty"? 2. Can I now get my License suspension invalidated pursuant to f s. 322.2615(16)? 3. Judge did not write or send me anything. How do I get a written order from the judge so I can show it as proof? Thank you very much for any input
The good news is your case is gone forever. It is dismissed with prejudice. However, a dismissal is not a verdict of...
What do I have to do to reinstate my license in FL & settle the DUI? Should I hire a lawyer to do it, or can i do this myself.
My inquiry is about a DUI (below.10) in South Carolina. I am a florida resident. I have done the mandatory 6 months suspension for the state of SC. I plead guilty. I received a letter in the mail stating what I believe is my sentence, which is a 6 months license revocation. It's been well over 6 months already. I received this DUI in Oct. 2014. My license never was suspended in the state of Florida. In April of last year my license expired and I tried to renew it. The admin at the DMV told me that I would be unable to renew my license in FL until I fixed what ever issue I had in SC. I contacted the clerks office in the county where I received the DUI. They informed me that I needed to plea guilty or take it to court. Since i am a FL resident. I am unable to go back and forth to court in SC. So I had the admin in SC send me the plea paperwork it took about 2 months to receive the paperwork. Anyways I plead guilty. About a month later i received the letter notifying me that my sentence was 6 months revocation of my license. Like I stated earlier, it's been well over 6 months. My license is now suspended in FL due to me being found guilty of drivin with a expired license over 6 months
Especially since you say you don't know what to do, the practical thing would be to retain an attorney.
Driver History Update Possible? DUI reduced to reckless driving.
I was arrested for a DUI last year. My license was immediately suspended for 6 months by the officer. After 6 months my license was re-instated. However, the case was still open. After a month, the case was closed and I was convicted of Reckless driving. Now, I am trying to search for a job and while my job is in no way related to driving, one of the companies that I received an offer from asked me for my consent to pull my driving record. I am trying to see if I can have the drivers history updated and request for removal of the arrest record (expunged) from there or at-least, changed to reflect the actual crime that I was found guilty for? as per the disposition? Is that possible? Right now, my drivers record shows, the suspension of license and DUI arrest as one record, and the violation - Conviction of Reckless Driving as a separate record - Both have the same case number though confirming that the same case was later changed and updated as a citation for Reckless Driving. Please advise.
1) Your license was not suspended by the officer. It was administratively suspended by DMV when you blew over the...
DUI reduced to reckless driving, employment background check consequences
I am a senior software engineer. I have been in the industry for 11 years now. Recently (1 yr b4) I got myself into trouble and I got a DUI in Florida. Eventually I was convicted of Reckless driving. I finished everything as far as the punishment is concerned and the case is now closed. I got an offer in Atlanta Georgia and the offer letter reads that contingent to a successful background check they will discuss joining date. As part of the background check they are involving a company called Direct advantage. They also want my driving history. I ran a background check on FDLE website and found that it still lists it as just the arrest for DUI and the disposition is not updated yet. While the job does not involve driving, it does involve financial transactions and I am worried if my background check would deem me ineligible. I do not think there is a way to update driver history and I ordered one and it has the DUI arrest listed. They have not given me any documentation to ask about prior arrests or conviction yet. I did hear that they were going to run a national and a 50 state background check. Should I volunteer information to the HR right away? Will offer be rescinded?
First, I am not an attorney in Florida or Georgia, so any legal information I am providing is for informational...