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Can I get my rifle privileges back with felony
I have been convicted of 2 dwi felony's .one in 2000 and 1 in 2001. I would like to be able to get my rifle privileges back for hunting. On January 2012 In NY they have also made it illegal to hunt with Muzzleloader for felony convictions .Is there anyway of having these privileges back?
You can apply BUT it is very difficult as it is in the pistol license officers discretion! Joseph A. Lo Piccolo,...
2 pending dwi charges 1 with bac 16 the other 26 under age 21 both in the same county with also 2 auo 3rd deg. other than
contact a lawyer whats steps could i take to stay out of jail i have court tomorow and schedualed for rehab wendsday what should i ask the judge to do i dont have engoug money at the moment to obtain a laywer yet and i dont wana a free one because i probaly wont have the same results so i wana be prepaired any advice please!
Your question is either ido not have enough money for a private Attorney,nor do i want a public defender and what do i...
How do I get my bac from a past dwi?
I'm going through the screening process for a federal job. I need to get arrest notes, including bac from a dwi I got in 2007. I also need proof of completion of the drinking driving course I had to take.
Check with defense counsel, court and/police agency. Also, see if your drivers abstract reflects completion of course...
Refusal appeal and DWI license revokation?
Following a June 2017 DWI alleged arrest, I have lost my initial Refusal hearing and filed an appeal with the board, received a stay this week. In the meantime I am in litigations in Richmond county court for a DWI charge.Plead guilty to both charges after which I will have a 90 day suspension and a monitor. If I successfully complete the 90 days, my DWI charge and suspension will be dropped and I will be sentence to DWAI . My question if I lose the refusal appeal at DMV, but was already sentence and convicted to DWAI ,will my license be still revoked? I was told that it will not be revoked as the DWAI conviction will grant me a conditional license?
The DWAI conviction doesn't grant you the license, it allows you to apply for one. Usually you want to get a 20 day...
ACOD with the DWI to DWAI Nassau County?
Hello, Earlier this year I was arrested and charged with a DWI and as police searched my vehicle, 221.15 (Criminal Possession Marijuana 4th degree). Last Court date I struck a deal with the district attorneys office to enter into a program consisting of drug treatment and some other things, and when I go back to court in a few months the DWI will be reduced to a DWAI at sentencing. We never really spoke much about the 221.15 though. I am assuming since they are reducing the DWI to DWAI they most likely will reduce the 221.15 to a disorderly conduct or perhaps give me an ACOD? Is this realistic since they offered me a reduction to DWAI it would make no sense to be convicted on 221.15. I spoke to my lawyer about this and they said that I likely will have it dismissed..but is this even possible? I thought most marijuana causes in NY are given an ACOD? If you folks had to guess, am I getting an ACOD on the 221.15 when I go back to get my reduction to DWAI? My lawyer said not to worry about it but my mind is thinking of all the possibilities..and this would be a real waste of time if convicted of 221.15 since it would give me a record. No other offenses ever clean record
The Nassau County District Attorney's office will, in many cases consent to dismiss lower charges on the same docket or...
Is it possible to get a DWI reduced or removed from your record?
My license was revoked back in 2011 due to alcohol related offenses. Young, stupid, immature and too young for the college experience. After the 5 year revocation, which I completely understand, the NYSDMV added another 5 years...just because?? In speaking with DMV Driver Improvement Unit, they are sympathetic but say their hands are tired. "They" recommended trying to have one of the DWIs reduced to something else so that they would be able to review my record once again. I am unable to work without a vehicle, I'm now 31 and can't support myself or work in the field in which I am trained. They are telling me I'm not eligible until 10/2021. I'm educated, smart, focused and don't drink... I can't pay back my student loans and when interviewed by a healthcare facility (which is where I would work) won't hire me unless I have a valid NYS drivers license. Is there any hope?
I'd say hire a lawyer who can help you, and take a look here:
Will Nassau DWI Court/STEP Honor my treatment?
In May I got a plea deal for a DWI in Nassau County. 6 month stay out of trouble, attend VIP, 20 hours EAC, speak at high schools about DWI for 30 hours community service, Breathalyzer in the car for six months, and get a STEP Evaluation and Complete treatment requirements. I go back 6 months to get plea reduced to DWAI from DWI after these requirements completed. I've done all requirements , I just have a question that have been causing me high anxiety. 1.)- With regards to the STEP Program, I got a STEP Evaluation downstairs at District Court the day after I was arraigned as per CRP then recommended to follow and finish an OASAS treatment program. I followed the suggestions of STEP, enrolled in a program (this was two months before offered my plea deal) and recently completed treatment there after six months. Called Step was told I'm good to go for court. I contacted my lawyer to ask if its ok I did the eval and finished treatment from before the plea deal which stated get eval within 5 days of agreement and follow treatment, being I already got an eval from arraignment am i OK? Lawyer said dont worry about it but this is causing me high anxiety. Should this be suffice?
I agree with your lawyer so long as evaluation was done post arrest and evaluator was aware of your arrest and...