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Will I go to jail for a first DUID offense?
Charged with driving under the influence, had THC in system but did not use it the day I was pulled over and arrested.
Typically you would not get jail on a first offense other than the time you spent in jail at your arrest. However, a...
Should I get an attorney to fight my OWI???
I was fishing at a dam about 2hours away from my home and planned on staying the night when the DNR told me I had to leave the premises. I had already been drinking all day and when they asked me to leave I did as they wished but then not even 5 miles down the road was pulled over and arrested for OWI. I didn't think it was right that the DNR asked me to leave when they knew I had been drinking. Should I fight this??
Does the suffix missing on my last name on a citation for drunk driving help throw out the charge?
I was arrested for an OWI (Operating While Impaired). I received my first citation when I left the jail and it only had an OWI charge. When I got to work the next night the arresting officer came to my job three times. First, to ask if I had found my driver's license. I replied no, as I lost it earlier. The second time to give me an updated citation and he told me to rip the other up and throw it away and the third time to take pictures of my car. When I look at both citations they do not have II (the second) on them. Any advice on this?
This sounds very suspicious. Hire a lawyer and do not communicate with the authorities at this point without any legal...
How can you prove to the court that you are not an alcoholic
My granddaughter, age 24, went out with her sorority sisters to celebrate one of the girls leaving town. They were drinking and upon leaving my granddaughter thought she was okay to drive herself home. She drove a distance & stopped for a red light. With the car still running at the light, she laid her head on the steering wheel and passed out. Someone noticed her sitting idle at the light, her car running, and called the police. She was arrested and released 12 hours later, with a court date. This was a first occurrence for her. She was charged with an OUI. Her alcohol limit was high. She claims she drank about 8 glasses of Hennessy and Coke Cola within a 2-3 hour timeframe. I believe after 4 glasses of Hennessy and Cola (being sugar increases alcohol volume) she should have felt it, 8 glasses she should have been knocked out cold. The judge blatantly announced in court that she is an alcoholic and slapped her with 12 months of reporting to a probation officer, monetary penalties, community work and weekly drug tests and attending 8 classroom sessions. Her judgement was wrong & deserved punishment , but this is excessive and being labelled is insulting.
The Judge was probably reacting to the high bodily alcohol content, which is an indicator of a tolerance to alcohol,...
How long does the police have to issue a ticket or warrant for my arrest for a DUI?
It has been 6 weeks since I was involved in an accident involving only myself and a tree from drinking and was not issued a ticket or arrested at the scene of the accident for driving under the influence and there has been nothing issued by the police or the courts for a warrant. How long do they have to issue a ticket or process a warrant for my arrest in this situation?
The statute of limitations is 6 years from the date of the incident to the point where they must bring charges....
Can they arrest someone on the spot for a dui violation?
My brother had a hearing early this morning for a dui violation. His etg came back positive. It is his only violation. No one is able to get a hold of him. Is it possible that he got arrested on the spot? Who can I contact to find out. He did not have a lawyer present at this hearing. Thank you. Oakland county, mi
You need to check two places for him. 1. The court he was in this morning; and 2. The county jail. The court should...
If I refused a breathalyzer test, can I get a restricted license?
I refused a breathalyzer test. I did not appeal in the 2 week period. now I received a letter from the state of Michigan saying my license is suspended for 12 months. can I get a restricted license to go to and from work and to AA meetings?
You have to check the specific law in Michigan. In Washington, the answer to your question is No, you could not get an...