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Coos Bay Crime

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  • Homeowner holds 2 burglars at gunpoint; fires shot i...

    Thursday Aug 13 | via KPIC 

    Two Bandon men were arrested after Coos County Sheriff's Deputies responded to a report of a home owner who had two burglars at gun point around noon Wednesday in the 6300 block of Terrmar in Charleston. Police say they learned that the home owner had fired one shot into the ground "in a safe manner and direction" to keep the suspects at the scene until the deputies could arrive.


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  • Police nab man charged with rape, sex abuse in North...

    Monday Aug 3 | via KPIC 

    Thanks in part to citizens in North Bend and Coos Bay, police located a man wanted for failing to appear on charges of rape and sex abuse. Sunday afternoon, police received a tip that 21-year-old James Merchant was at a North Bend residence.


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Coos Bay Law

Dui diversion moving what do I do about the requirement to have the ignition interlock?
I am in the military and got orders to move across the country I have 4 more months of diversion left I have completed all requirements however I am still required to have the ignition interlock installed do I still have to have it if I am in another state? or do I get it reinstalled when I get to my new location?
This would be an excellent question to address to your attorney who represented you on the DUI. He or she may be able...
What to expect at first court appearance for dui
I know that I will be eligible for the dui diversion program what happens at the first hearing? And how many more times will I have to appear in court?
It depends on what court you are being prosecuted in. The first appearance is called "arraignment," and is either fast...
Dui case not filed yet?
I was arrested for dui aug 11 I requested a dmv implied concent hearing and today I received a letter from dmv saying that I would have no suspension of driving privileges because the police did not file paperwork within the given time. I also just talked to the court my date on my ticket is set for sept 9 the court was unable to find any info regarding my arrest the da has not filed anything yet I am curious what this means? could my case be thrown out if nothing is filed by my court date?
You really lucked out on the DMV hearing aspect (depending on if you are diversion eligible-or if you wanted it to farm...
I got a dui this is my first I would like to know what to expect and what I can do to lower fees a and license suspension time?
I was pulled over leaving a bar to get a friend away from a guy that harassing her and she was drunk or maybe something slipped in to her drink I'm not sure but I my plan was to drive a few blocks away n catch a cab home I felt it was urgent I get her away I told all of this to the cop he didn't care he arrested me leaving my friends in my car to fend for them selves I blew a .10 I have a Nevada license the cop said he could not take it because it is out of state I am also in the military
If you are active duty military there are some special considerations for you. The license suspension is statutory. It...
I got a duii in OR but I have a NV license do I contact NV or OR dmv for implied concent hearing
I am in the military and live in oregon but am still a resident of nevada how does the implied concent hearing work?
You need to contact the Oregon Department of Administrative Hearings in Salem. Because you are being accused of...
My brother got sentenced to 48 hours for a DUI. He was booked at 10AM FRIDAY. But they wont release him til MONDAY??
My brother called from jail on Saturday and said he was told that he wouldn't be released until Monday, which will mean he's getting 72 HOURS for the 48 hour sentence! He said the CO told him "Sorry Man,The first day doesn't count". Though he was booked Friday at 10AM, the "Alpha Log" say's he wasn't received until Saturday - Even though he went straight from court to jail and was booked on arrival. What is my brother's recourse? The same jail has been releasing inmates because of "overcrowding"! One inmate was released last weekend after serving TWO HOURS of a 10 day sentence?! This is my brother's first offense. He was not eligible for diversion because he has a CDL - Though he hasn't driven commercially in 6 years.& Is there anyway he can get his $1600 fine reduced for add. time served?
Under ORS 815.215(1)(h), a defendant accused of DUII is not eligible for diversion. In State of Oregon v. Orueta, 164...
What if your MIP ticket has any error on it?
First off what if the race on your ticket is wrong? they didnt even ask that. Could that help us? does it matter? ... one some of the tickets there is some error on it. Like, height, eye color, weight, race. Anything like that.
Typically, those sorts of minor errors will not allow you to get out of the ticket.