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Is it legal for an employer to make you take a breath test at work?
my employer accused me of drinking and threatened to give me a breath test
Short answer is yes.....but you don't have to take it......but they can fire you if you refuse.....or really to any...
What are my options for dui small amount of marijuana?
i got stopped for a headlight being out, the officer asked if i knew then asked me to step out of the vehicle and asked me if there was anything in the car he asked this because i had flake on my clothes and the car had a smell to it. he asked if i had anything in the car i said in the center console all i have is bowl, and grinder and less than .1 gram of marijuana he searched my car got it asked me to do a sobriety test to see if he could let me drive away in freezing temps and high winds so standing on one leg was bit difficult. This is my first offense of any thing other than a speeding ticket when i first got my license i work full time go to school full time and have a newborn what is my best case scenerio?
DUI & Small amount of marijuana are two separate offenses either of which can lead to a license suspension. You need an...
Will a DUI affect his immigration status
My husband who I have been married to for 6 months got pulled over and unfortunately for him he was drunk, had open alcohol and also had no license. He has a court date coming up in NJ where he was pulled over but he resides in PA. In PA however he was cited for harassment and has fines to pay. Is this on record when a judge deliberates his DUI case. Does he need a DUI and immig lawyer or just one? Is he likely to be deported?
Your best bet is to talk with an immigration attorney who will go over possible implications of your husbands DUI in NJ.
Can the lose of speen shortly after drinking effect my Bac
I was in a motorcycle accident . I do not make it a habit to drink and drive and if I am drinking its a drink per hour. Trama sergury whiped out in tire memory of accident an an hour an a half prior. All evidence shows I was ran off the road in a part of the road that I would expect.
The loss of your spleen will not affect your blood alcohol level. Also you should know that having one drink an hour...
Should I fight the charge in court or accept the ARD program?
Hello, My name is Jonathan. Im a CDL driver. I was recently pulled over in another persons vehicle for no reason. Supposably for a cigarette butt thrown out the window. I don't smoke. I had a 2 drinks a couple hours before getting in the vehicle and felt okay to drive. But I got pulled over for false accusations told the officer I had 2 drinks when he asked he gave me the breathalyzer I passed. He said he smelled marajuana in the vehicle so he had to search it. He looked in the glove compartment in a little black box and found a controlled substance. It wasn't my vehicle it was my sister's car. She was in the back seat at the time along with her friends. She said it wasn't hers when she was questioned and I was charged with it because I was the driver of the vehicle at the time cause nobody knew where it came from. The cop told me I couldn't fight it in court cause all he had to say was there was drugs in the car and I was driving it and then he introduce me to the ARD program. Now my question is should I fight it. do I even have a chance in court or should I settle for ARD. Cause I really don't want my license to get suspended. It my livelihood :(
I suggest that you fight the charges. Your CDL license will not be suspended, but "disqualified" for one year, even...
Can I receive a secondary ARD in PA?
My first ARD was for personal possession of marijuana. At my preliminary hearing they gave me papers for ARD and the judge and officer signed my papers for ARD approval (I'm assuming) for my FIRST DUI for marijuana and have been sending me mail about ARD. I have completed every single PREARD requirement and I have court tomorrow. I paid 865$, did my CRN, applied for alcohol & safety driving courses, got a drug and alcohol evaluation and also even started counseling.
That sounds great. If you are getting a second ÀRD you should feel very fortunate. What County is this in?
Can they charge dui after an accident has occurred and given breathalyzer at home.
The other night I was driving home from the gas station it was raining and I lost control of my car and hit someone's house(brick wall). Airbag went off and I was scared and dazed. I drove the car a block to my house where 30 minutes later local police arrived questioned me on the accident asked if I was drinking and I told them after I got home I did. They gave me a breathalyzer in my home and arrested me there and took me to the station. They drew blood there and tried to have me do fst there at the station. I walked the straight line but didn't do the next test. I told them these tests are for you to fail and wanted a lawyer. They handed me a paper with my rights on them and told to initial and sign. I didn't sign and only initialed part of the document. I just need to know where to go from here.
Yes they can charge you. It sounds like they will charge you. Nonetheless you may have viable defenses. Contact a...