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My bf was on 90 day GPS monitoring. Got pulled over without license. How long will they keep him in jail?
My boyfriend has CDV charges, as well as resisting arrest/assault to a police officer. The charges were a result of a toxic relationship from his past. TWO in one month. First one she bailed him out next day and second, she tried but didn't have enough money. He did 7 months time. I came up with money to get him out. A condition of his release was to be put on GPS monitoring for 90 days. We finally got to start our life together. He was working at least 6 days a week and staying out of trouble... Just last week, he got pulled over driving without a license and they took him back to J Reuben. 90 days would've been up February 20, 2017! On Horry County arrests web page, it says his charges are disposed. How long will they keep him in jail for violating his GPS for driving without license?? Are his charges REALLY disposed?? Ive been emailing and calling his public defender, the solicitor and Home detention nonstop but no one has a straight up answer for me. PLEASE HELP!!!
The status reading "disposed" does not mean that the issue of probation has been resolved - which is evident since it...
How to get pardoned from your 3rd DUI. Get your license back and get back to work.
At age 52 went through bad depression, ended up receiving 3 DUI went and got the help I needed, been sober for three years and have a restored relationship with my lord and saviour. However, can't drive till 2020 they say, I need to get back to work and drive again. I have much to offer to others that may be headed down the wrong road. I'm a legal citizen of the USA and had a perfect record until this. Thx
You are to be commended for getting help. I am not sure you can be pardoned for 3 DUIs, but advise that you contact a...
Can I have a fine reduced or completely dropped for a MIP ticket?
I received a ticket for Minor in Possession of wine last Friday night. It's my first offense and the only thing I've ever gotten in trouble for. The ticket is $620 and I'm a college student who cannot pay that much. I also want it expunged for work purposes and my future (I want to be an attorney). I have court in two weeks and have no idea what I should do or say when I'm there. Should I plead not guilty? Please help!
A MIP can follow you for years to come if you plead guilty. There are diversion programs and potentially the option for...
Can police use the results of hospital alcohol test that has a stamp "for medical purposes only, not for forensic use"?
Hi! I made a car accident few weeks ago. It was a dark street with a dead end. But there was no stop sign it was broken 2 days before my accident. So i crashed into a stone that was laying at the end. I fractured my ankle and hurt my chest and nose as well. I was in shock after the accident. When police came i refused everything they were asking me to do including the DUI alcohol test. But in the hospital they took a blood test for medical purposes only. Can me or police use that results in the court? Thank you!
Blood tests that are to be used for criminal investigations need to be acquired by specific procedures and within...
Can I get my Class B CDL reinstated if court dropped my DUI charge?
arrested in September for DUI. I refused to blow because I was not intoxicated or had a drink. I had a class b cdl license that was suspended. In march my 6 month suspension was up and got my regular drivers license. Just had court last week and they dropped my dui charge to wreckless driving. Since I was not convicted of a DUI can I get my cdl license back now or do I have to wait 9 months?
I'm not sure but if an AVVO DUI lawyer from SC doesn't respond, consider calling a local SC DUI lawyer and ask this...
My dui charge says disposed by it online, am i still facing dui charges? is my license still suspended for not blowing?
I was pulled over for dui, i feel i passed the sobriety test, but it was 30 degrees outside and im a southern gal, cannot handle the cold, i was shivering and by the time i got to the 1020 i put my leg down and said im too cold, and he arrested me. I did not blow, and i told officer reason for me not blowing is that i know that if one passes on sobriety test, u cannot give the other, and i did not fail that test. he said prove me wrong, I said i dont need to prove you wrong, i know the law, you should have asked me to blow first, and i been more than happy too. woke up, judge came in and said i want to see u in here november, youll be out shortly. That was out came home, noticed online when went to look at picture that it says disposed of.
That is your bail hearing that is disposed. You still have to go to court for the DUI charge. Hire an attorney.
Can you have a DUI removed from your record in the state of South Carolina?
A friend of mine is a nurse in the operating room and she got a DUI, now she cant get another job. Is it possible to get it removed in the state of South Carolina?
Unfortunately, No. Traffic offenses (including DUI) are expressly excluded in the statute governing expungements (SC...