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Can they convict on a .06 dwi
I was pulled over for speeding 60 in a 45. After doing some field sobriety test, which I thought I did fine on, I was arrested. The cops took me to the station and I agreed to blow. The result was a .06....I thought I was going to be able to leave without the dwi. I was wrong....What are the odds of conviction?
It is difficult for an attorney to place odds on a conviction without knowing more about the evidence in any particular...
How bad is a 32 year old dui case pending and jail time???
what can i end up getting in fines, or time??
This question is going to be hard for any attorney to answer. I can't tell if the case is 32 years old or if the...
Do I have any recourse against this drunk driver?
I was in an accident two 4th of July's ago. A car with 3 kids in it hit the back of my semi. Only the driver survived. I was not physically injured. That night and what I experienced is etched in to my head for life. I was with a firm that finally said since I wasn't injured I had no case. The accident was on the NY thruway just south of Schenectady.
Yes. You can sue. What are your damages? That is what your previous firm was asking. That you don't like it that this...
Arrested for marijuana possession in NH need help ASAP
I was pulled over for having my high beams on as I was driving my friends car he said he smelled marijuana I claimed I didn't know because it wasent my car. He got my friend to give him a ash tray in the back that had a very little roach and a grinder with little res in it. Because I was the driver he arrested me With possession of drugs and a class b misdemeanor. Because i was so cooperative he said he would write something down so it didn't screw with me financial aid. And gettin a lawyer isn't a option I don't have the money what should i do plead. I got stuck in a unlucky situation
Ask for a public defender.
I missed my court date for dui. I was out on bail, now what?
I thought the date was aug 18 but it was aug 8. what should i do?
The court likely issued a warrant for your failure to appear on the 8th. The good part is this is not the end of the...
What other mop programs are there in n.h.?
ive got to spend my 3 days in jail and then go to a mop. if they cannot accomidate me there what other approved programs are there
If you are being ordered to jail for 3 days and MOP then you are dealing with a DWI2nd or aggravated. In either event...
How to get an extension for court ordered community service
My daughter was arrested for letting someone smoke pot in her apartment. She didnt smoke and passed a drug test. She was fined. Has to attend diversion weekly (which she has done since ordered and always passed) and community service. She appeared June 20th and she was given to July 20th to complete paying the fine and community service. She hasnt so I am wondering what happens now and what should she do. The gentleman who admitted to smoking to pot got off without any consequences. The official report says the police confiscated a pipe with a burnt substance. She was in college at the time.
She, not you, has to go back to court and ask for the extension to finish her community service or to ask that the...