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My husband and I were involved in a car accident on September 2013. The person who struck us was drunk. Our accident was disastrous, we rolled over and my husband held severe injuries to his head. To this date he is recuperating but the doctors do not know if his symptoms will ever go away (dizziness, headaches, blurred vision). The DA charged the drunk driver with 3 counts of great bodily harm (there were 2 other passengers in our vehicle). Can my husband, given the severity of the accident, qualify for the U-Visa? If so, have there been cases of other people who were victims of DUI like my husband, who gave been granted the U-Visa? Please help – Thank you!
I have not heard of anyone getting a U-visa from a DWI. The closes crime requirement that matches with this...
I got a dwi in 2010, and I was found guilty. I was required to complete probation, community service, and attend therapy. Once all of this was completed, my dwi case was dismissed. So what does this mean? Will it show up on my driving record as guilty or dismissed? If it's dismissed, does this mean my guilty conviction was thrown out?
Sounds like you had a guilty deferred sentence. If everything was done correctly, it was dismissed on your criminal...
How about a state trooper sitting on the borderline and running tags? City of Las Cruces v Betancourt addressed the legality of a checkpoint, and mentioned that targeting a certain group of people would not be tolerated but didn't go much further than that. Are there any cases that address this issue in more detail?
Yes, there are cases regarding targeting certain groups. What you would have to do is combine not only case law, but...
I'm not on probation or parole or enrolled in any drug program. This was my first arrest
Not unless you show up drunk or high.
Recently, I was pulled over again, speeding. The cop said I was "revoked", but I've never had a license. I also did a year of supervised probation for the prior dwi. It was supposed to be on my sealed juvenile record. How did this cop find on my record that I had a dwi related arrest but not see that I'm not revoked because I've never had a drivers license? Also, after the fact of taking care of my probation, dmv will not let me get a license without having a vehicle registered in my name with an innerlock, but also I can't register a vehicle to my name with a revoked license charge. Does this sound right? It doesn't to me. It was discussed during my court appearance for the dui charge, that it wouldn't be on my permanent adult record if I did the probation.
your right to drive on the public highways is revoked.
In the past I got a DWI charge so I had to do the interlock along with other programs and fines which I completed all successfully. I was denied my license after the completion for the reason being I've been to prison and was asked to to the interlock for 6 more mths and more programs and fines. Once again I completed all programs successfully and paid all fines. The second time around though I fail the interlock one time but it was because of drinking, so I've been denied still for my license now on the grounds because I failed the interlock 1 time.
You will have to comply with DMV requirements to obtain a license. You need to understand that the interlock is a...
My other question that has to do with my chance is that me and the mother of our child had a domestic dispute and both will be getting a summons for court and mean while, I'm filling for half custody and time sharing plan. If the mother wants full custody and we go to court will my past felony DWI from 2007 effect my chances of getting half custody of my child?
The judge takes everything into consideration not only the 2007 conviction but also the three or more prior convictions...