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What will happen to me if I fail my urine test?
I was given deferred jud, where I'm on adult supervision for 6 months for a misdemeanor, and once I complete my 12 hours of community service and pay my fines the misdemeanor will be dismissed..I've never been in trouble before, and it was a theft charge. If i fail the urine test due to alcohol will they more than likely send me to jail? In Texas?
It depends. Are you of legal drinking age? If so, it is not against the law to consume alcohol. Do the probation...
What does the Texas DWI nondisclosure law mean?
A family member had a DWI and is worried it will always be a problem with jobs or when someone does a background check. We want to see if there is a way to get it off the record.
Non Disclosure" is an order by a court, ordering that the information relating to a defendant not be disclosed to the...
I got a Dwi 25 years ago in Texas ,where i live, i just got another one in Lousiana, will the first one hurt me?
Im concerned the dwi 25 years ago will affect the decision of this judge in Lousiana, i was visiting lousiana i do not live there i live in texas and besides the dwi i have a clean record I am 46 now. .
I know that you really want an answer to your question. However, please understand that it is difficult to adequately...
MMy 22 yr old son just got 33rd dwi is there anyway that he could get rehab instead of prison?
He says he was asleep in running car
I'm assuming you meant his 3rd DWI and not 33rd. He will need to hire a criminal defense attorney soon. The 3rd DWI is...
What Will happen ?
I'm on a pre trial diversion contract and they are trying to revoke my contract because I missed two drug test the days were back to back they said I had to call a number everyday but I did not know that because they switched my probation officers and my new probation officer did not tell me that I need to call that number every single day it was a simple misunderstanding but I went my next off day to take a drug test and ever since my probation officer told me to call I have been calling
Hopefully nothing no way to know best to ask your pre-trial diversion officer of which none of us lawyers know what...
I am on 5 year probation for 3rd DWI, I have finished 4.5 years with no issue, my last 2 drufg test showed positive for alchohol
She ordered that I appear for a "status hearing" What are the possibilities? Judge Hamilton 359th
Very possible you will be violated. Get in touch with the attorney who handled this matter for you. Do not appear...
I got dui with my 15 yr old in car driving. sentencing is for 3 yrs probation. If I drink responsibly at home is that a problem?
Im told for 3 yrs I cant drink or go into bars. Does this mean if I consume anything in 3 yrs I will go to jail?
If the order says you cannot consume alcohol and you drink anyplace you are in violation of the court order and can be...