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My boyfriend was on house arrest had 20 days left got 3rd DUI now has a detainer. How long will he sit in jail?
I've already contacted a lawyer the judge will lift or not lift the detainer tuesday but his fines are all paid and his house arrest. I know the main battle is when he is sentenced for his 3rd offense but how long will they keep him under a detainer if it is not lifted Tuesday since his house arrest was to be done April 22nd. Any help or information will be appreciated
You've indicated that he has counsel representing him. That person is in the best position to answers questions about...
What can I exspect for a dui revocation ?
I received a dui almost a year ago. I decided to take my ARD considering I have never been in trouble before. I did all my classes and did receive an excuse from a dr for my community help. I was never told if the fines were not paid id loose my ard. I had an exstension given after the initial 6 months. I have goung dor ssi to pay the fines. My parents have put a good portion down on it. But with the extra costs for the exstension i still didnt get it paid off. Now i go to court friday for the ARD revocation and im not quite sure of what is going to happen. I wont lie im scared. I have searched the internet for answers but it seems revocation comes usally from a violation. I have no violation. Inless the fines are a violation. Payments have been made. N i have not been in any more trouble...
You should be scared. Clearly, you need to stop making excuses for your immature conduct. Every other adult in the...
Is there a way to get my driver's license back faster
I got three years left to get them back haven't been pulled over and years no DUI's
Unfortunately, I would need more information in order to answer your question. You need to contact either me or an...
Does Dui fall under act 122 while on state parole
Got first Dui on state parole
You are going to have a parole detainer lodged against you and I would suggest a lawyer right away.
My son was given five injections of narcam and went into seizures at the hospital when my son was picked up intoxicated
My son has never taken seizures he's incarcerated an don't know what his rights are for what was done to him at the hospital Mike was charged for Dui
You will need to hire him a criminal defense attorney, look also for someone with civil rights or prisoner medical...
How can I get back credit from Penndot for suspensions on My PA DL that has already been served?
An "indefinite medical suspension has been lifted on My PA DL that was placed there in 2006. In 2008 I was charged with a DUI controlled substance 1st offense. I pled guilty to it 2009 and was courted ordered into treatment. I successfully completed all treatment and 2 years probation. The standard 1 year suspension was placed on my DL for the DUI plus 1 year for 2 possession charges. My suspensions started in 2009. I have just been told that I didn't receive credit for the DL suspensions and I need to complete them before I am reinstated. I have served a 7 year suspension on the original 2 years due to the medical suspension. Can I somehow get credit to have my license reinstated?
Hate to say it, but you need an attorney. Im confused just reading your question. If you were medically suspended and...
Can I be charged for 2 DUI'S if I have marijuana & alcohol in my system?
I was in an accident recently & rear ended a motorcycle. No one was hurt. But I was drinking & had marijuana in my system at the time. What's going to happen?
It's one Dui but it's more complicated than a normal dui seek advice right away