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  • Mentor student "defiant" toward officers; ...

    Wednesday Apr 15 | via 

    Mentor student "defiant" toward officers; Cuyahoga County Sheriff's van crashes in Conneaut; Browns unveil new uniforms: Northeast Ohio News Links The Mentor High School student whose arrest was caught on video was "verbally abusive and physically defiant" toward police officers, according to a news release. A semi truck, a Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Office van, and pickup truck were involved in a serious crash today on Ohio 7 in Conneaut.


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Need help
i have suspended license cause i don't pay insurance on my Sr -22 bond and i drive under expired plates and they tow the van and i have court what should i expect in court and what should i do
You need legal help immediately. These types of problems can spiral out of control. First you can't afford insurance,...
DUI in Kansas 4-5 years prior to today, currently live in Ohio. Fines and etc. are cleared, looking to get License reinstated.
I received two DUI's in Kansas, one of the charges being a Minor case. I now live in Ohio, and have been for more than a year. I would like to have my license reinstated without an ignition interlock device. Kansas states I must have it for one year, Ohio does not require it for my situation. Would a lawyer be able to assist me, or am I wasting my time?
A KANSAS lawyer MAY be able to help, but I think you would be wasting your time and money in Ohio. The interlock, I...
Epilepsy driving laws in OHIO (or US law)
Scenario: Woman is diagnosed w/ seizures - medical restriction is set. She drives with two children in her car. Seizures are frequent and medication is currently experimental and she has symptoms of intoxication similar to that of DUI most days. 1. Are there laws/superintendent regarding physician medical restrictions?* 2. Are there child safety/hazard laws regarding the same? * ยง4507 seems to aim at drugs/alcohol and not prescription/seizures Thank you.
4507.08 deals with a restricted license for people with medical issues as well. This is up to the persons doctors...
I got a dui i h.ave 3 priors my last was 9 years ago. im past the 6 year offense. am i geting charged for a first offense?
i went to court and pleaded not guilty. and got a publice defender. wen the bailif read my charges he said i could recieve up to 3 days to 6 months jail 90 day licence suspension and treatment. am i geting charged for like a first offense.
It sounds like it but there is a 20 year look back period for refusing the breath tests with prior refusal, Regardless...
Second offense OVI, would trying to get started in counseling before pre-trial help get less jail time?
Got 1st OVI 2007, plead no contest. Just stopped last week for 2nd. Given ALS but I did submit 3 times for breathalyzer but got invalid sample. Did poorly on FTS but first try was in 6" heels. Tried again an hour later & thought I did ok, but officer report says the 2nd time had similar findings to first attempt, but didn't write specifics. I know it will not go well for me, even with a lawyer. I am wondering if I were to try & set up alcohol counseling before my pre-trial if that might be favorable & help reduce jail time. I could probably get 5 days off work if I had to but 10 would mean I'd lose my job.
I am not a criminal defense attorney, but entering into counseling prior to your court date certainly would not hurt...
Can ALS be stayed if I actually did submit to a breathalyzer, but got invalid sample?
I submitted to breathalyzer, 3 tests were done consequtively, without a wait period in between. Each time the result was invalid sample. The officer stated he could see I was trying to do the test right but was unable to sustain my breath long enough so he had to put it as a refusal. My arraignment is in two days & I plan to ask for a stay of the ALS as I didn't actually refuse the test. What are the chances this motion (in Ohio) will be granted? Will I be able to get driving privileges so I can go to work?
A proper motion needs to be filed with the court. You need to hire a DUI defense attorney. Amanda Ackerman Condon...
Can a cop come to my house over 6 months after a traffic accident and i have already been to court and paid fines
Can a cop come to my house over 6 months after a traffic accident and I have already been to court and paid fines add more charges? - I was in a accident on May 16 and taken to the hospital. Blood was drawn and I was checked out. I went to court for failure to control and it was reduced to a mechanical failure and all was over. Today I was handed a DUI ticket :
The short answer is a police officer can do whatever you let him get away with. There are a variety of legal issues...