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I had a felony over 30 years ago I just received a summons for jury duty I currently have a DUI will I be arrested if I report f
The DUI it's from walking down the street with an open container
Not sure I understand your question. Why would you be arrested? Have you missed court on your open DUI case and have...
Do I have suspended licence
What if my fta has been dismissed and when I went to renew my licence the fta was still there and my licence was kept at the DMV . I called the recorders court a year later and they said the case had been dismissed an my licence need reinstating. Does that mean my licence was suspended during that timeframe.
If the department of driver services says your license is suspended, then it is suspended. If you have an old fta you...
What is going to happen to my GA lincense and How do I get driving relief?
I recently moved to GA 3 months ago. This week my license was revoked in Illinois for 1 year due to my 2nd dui.
You have to get the license reinstated in Illinois. That we lift the hold on your Georgia license.
Can chasing a dui hit and run suspect down from escape help me with my own dui?
I am currently awaiting trial for a dui hit and run. My attorney feels that it's not a very strong case the state has, anyway today my wife and I were driving home when a car sped passed us cut someone off then hit a car. Then drive away from that and head on into another car. ThE passengers in that car were hurt pretty bad. The guy got out and tried to walk away from scene. I jump on my phone with 911 and follow the guy about a mile away on foot until officers arrived. My wife stayed and pulled the two injured out of the car they were stuck in. Awesome thing for her to do being 5 mths pregnant with twins. But what I'm curious to know is it possible for this unfortunate situation to help my current case at all in any way? In my case I bumped a parked car and had paint transfer. I denied all sobriety tests and no one was hurt like what happend today. I'd ask my attorney but she is on maternity leave.
It's shows good moral character, which would help in sentencing, but I don't necessarily see your case going that far along.
Does DeKalb County GA participate in the 2 for 1 credit?
I was convicted for a 2nd DUI in DeKalb County, GA. The sentence I received was 5 days in jail with credit for 8 hours time served. Once I report to jail will I be eligible for the 2 for 1 credit or will it be more probable for me to have to do the entire 4 days and 16 hours?
Your question entirely depends on if the jail gives you 2 for 1 (which would be an odd scheme for Dekalb county)....
DUI in GA. What is the possibility I get the case dismissed without a lawyer? What is the worse-case scenario?
I have a question, back in 2012 I received a DUI (.086) in GA no accident. At that time, I got arrested and served 30 days in jail for a previously unpaid ticket (expired tag with a FTA). Subsequently, I lost my job. After serving the 30 days, I got out, missed court, and moved to another state. Fast forward till today, since then I have paid off all the tickets, got my license reinstated, completed DUI school, got the new FTA cleared (for missing court after released from jail), and now have new court date set in Aug 2016 which I will attend. I did discover that the officer that pulled me over initially no longer works for the county.
It's possible that it will be dismissed because the officer no longer works for the county if the State can't get him...
What is the process and actions that I must pursue to obtain this temporary restricted license?
I am 66 with a clean driving record for 50 years. I was arrested in Tennessee in February and charged with DUI. I pleaded guilty and paid my fines, spent 48 hours in jail. My license has been suspended for 1 year. I need to obtain a restricted GA drivers license for work related purposes. I have a signed court document indicating that this was my first DUI conviction.
Hopefully a licensed GA attorney will respond to your question because you will need to speak to someone who is...