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Got second offense DUI in West Virginia (2008). Now living in Pennsylvania (2014)
Criminal case dismissed. First administrative hearing, arresting officer did not show and hearing examiner submitted order to DMV to have revocation rescinded. Second administrative hearing, the examiner upheld her previous decision and refused to continue. Third administrative hearing, West Virginia DMV (different examiner) rules in favor of suspension. This occurred over a roughly seven year period. Can Pennsylvania reciprocity be negated by violation of due process instigated by the State of West Virginia?
Generally speaking, DMV in PA is just honoring whatever West Virginia did. For it not to show in Pa, you have to clear...
What is the filing time of DUI charges by the police department
My husband was stopped for a illegal tow and the officer said he felt he was under the influence, he performed a breathalyzer 3 times, did the field test, then was taken for blood, this occurred on Feb 14th, was never given his BAC from the hospital, he received his papers on the 26th of April, and the papers were filed on the 17th of April (45 days later), is there a statue of limits on this??
Under Maryland law this would not be a problem.PA I assume the law would be similar.However,you need to consult an...
Pennsylvania Drivers License
While I was incarcerated, my license got suspended for conviction of Driving With License Suspended/Revoked. I never received notice of the suspension and I was in prison for four years. The conviction was 2009 and my license is still suspended. They refuse to give me credit because I never acknowledged the suspension. I explained I was in prison and was unaware of the penalty and suspension. I was unable to acknowledge the suspension because the notice was returned to them. I am planning on filing an administrative appeal. It's not like I neglected to acknowledge the suspension and was still out there driving around. I was in prison. Is there any hope for credit after four years?
I'm guessing this is related to an earlier question, but I could certainly be mistaken. In any event, the lack of...
What does 'summons cancelled' mean on my husband's docket for a public intoxication charge?
My husband got a public intoxication charge on 11/06/13. He did not get arrested. He was staying out of town for work, walked to get smokes, and when walking back was stopped by police and given a breathalyzer. He was charged with public intoxication and the police drove him back to his hotel room. Recently, we received a court date scheduled for 01/22/14. I was doing research online and found his docket. It states that he still has this court date, but on 11/15/13, it says "summons cancelled by Magisterial District Court." I understand he will still have to attend his court date, but what does the summons cancelled by the court mean? I will call first thing in the morning to get information, but for right now I thought I would ask for advice on here. So, what does this mean? Thank you.
You received two responses to yesterday's posting of your question with which I agreed, and you stated that you were...
At a hearing for under age drinking what kind of questions are asked?
Received an under age drinking citation and just wanted to know what the questioning is normally like.
It will largely depend on the circumstances of the hearing
How long will a hearing take and what kind of questions will be asked? cited for underage being dropped to disorderly
I was just wondering what kind of questions will be asked and how long the hearing will take. I received and under age drinking citation but i spoke with the officers afterwards and he is going to drop it to an disorderly conduct.
If the officer will stick to the agreement and drop your underage to the disorderly, it will not be a hearing most...
In pa I was charged with 3802-d2/controlled substance-Impaired ability-1st offence (as written in prelim hearing notice)
However I have two previous DUI' Ohio just less than 10 yrs pa in 2011. Since the paperwork indicates 1st offence I guess for a controlled substance (ambien) it a third counting the two with alcohol?
Yes this one should be counted as a 3rd offense for you in PA. Many times the paperwork does not reflect the priors...