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Can i fight a dui when i was in my parked car
i had too much to drink, went to drive home and realized it wasnt safe, i pulled over to a car wash parking lot to sleep. i was in the drivers seat and had the car off however i got cold and turned on the car for the heat. an officer woke me up and did a field test and a breath test. i was arrested for dui. i am 49 and this is the first time i have gotten into trouble
I do not practice in New Hampshire, but many state's DUI laws only require the accused to be in "actual physical...
What will happen if i missed my DMV hearing for a DWI charge?
I got a DWI in September and I forgot that I had a DMV hearing. I do not have a car nor will be driving at all. Since I will by charged based on default, how long will I lose my license for and are there any consequences of not attending the hearing?
Assuming this is a first offense, your failure to appear at the DMV hearing will result in a 6-month license suspension...
I'd I fwt pulled over what do I do
If I get pulled over for speeding or a burned out taillight how do I prevent a sobriety test from happeninv
Short answer is do not appear as if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, don't speed, and keep your car in...
What happens if I get puled over and what makes them suspect alcohol on someone. Also if one had just taken listerine breath spr
what happens if I get puled over and what makes them suspect alcohol on someone. Also if one had just taken listerine breath spray just before getting pulled over, then what happens next and the breathaltyizer.
You are asking a hypothetical question. I suggest you do not drink and drive then you won't have to worry about it.
Suspended license from OUI in Ma. Residence is NH. Does NH offer a hardship license?
Received CWOF on OUI, Speeding and leaving the seen of an accident. Doing 24D in Mass
New Hampshire does not offer a hardship license.
Reckless driving
of reckless driving do you always get arrested for it and if I did on a Friday night or saturday, how do I Get back out soon.
Yes, you would most likely be arrested and then released on personal recognizance bail (set by bail commissioner) from...
Is driving while
is driving while tired arrestable?
If tired driving is illegal, every high school kid would be arrested on the way to school. Many states have tried to...