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What will most likely happen after a DUI while on probation for non DUI misdemeanor
Got into a accident that was not my fault no one hurt but blew 1.7. I have the arraignment tomorrow which I plan to plead not guilty and get a lawyer (should I go with a appointed?) I have been on probation for over a year for theft over 1000. What is most likely going to happen?
The high BAC drunk driving will treat you as though the first offense does not exist except for purposes of creating a...
What to do? My mom convicted of DUI after accident on ice; doesn't understand she's been convicted. Court-appointed lawyer
Last winter, we were hit with an ice storm here in Michigan. My mom was on her way home from the grocery store beginning of the storm (3pm), hit a patch of ice and slid off the road and into a very small tree, at a low speed. There was no damage to anything except her OLD car, which the insurance company totaled (it was too old). However, the police decided to arrest her because he asked her if she had anything to drink. Of course she hadn't, but she had taken a Norco, as prescribed by her doctor. My mother has a previously broken back, so shopping is hard for her. Drug test came back - she had nanograms of Norco in her system, along with nanograms of Xanax from the previous night, which she also has a prescription for. My dad has been taking her to court, but now they are talking to me about probation! I asked if she was convicted of a DUI and both say "I don't know what happened". Neither seem to know what the judge did!!! Is this normal to get a DUI for small traces of Norco and Xanax in your blood, even with a script? And is it malpractice by the court-appointed attorney? They don't know what's going on! No previous criminal history. Thank you!
There is nowhere near enough information in your question to give you a complete response. You first need to know if...
Will I lose my restricted license with my smart start ignition interlock? ??? If I plead guilty to open intox. In a vehicle???
Friend got pulled over ....he went to jail...for DUI ..I was passenger...I did not blow into breathalyzer. ...wife came picked me up....but gave me a ticket for open intox.??? Not beer can or liquor....found some Bubba double insulated drink holder's in his chevy suburban which has no trunk..
There is a good chance of some consequence with the Secretary of State. Open intox will appear on your driving record...
Who has my results and where do I obtain them?
Hello. 2 part question here. Recently I had a blood drug test done (in lieu of being arrested) and it has been about 6 weeks since it was sent In to the michigan state police crime lab. My question is how do I get the results of the test? I know I am entitled to anything that can be discovery against me, but do I call the court? Do I call the police station? No one ever told me who exactly these results would be going back to. So far, my police report and DRE report were all able to be obtained from the police station. Second part, once a case and charges have been dismissed (not lessened) but dismissed, does the persons record automatically clear, or is that something I will have to fight for in court. Record clearing as in mugshot gone, fingerprints gone, no history of the arrest, etc. This is one of my biggest concerns, and before asked, yes I am sure these charges will be dropped. But I am more interested in the cleanliness of my record. Will this be something to ask the judge for?
You need to FOIA the results. Most likely they aren't ready yet, but not only do you have a right to the exam, you...
Should I sue for an unnecessary DUI arrest?
Recently I was pulled over in a small town in Michigan. The officer alleged that I was "all over the road" and that was his reason for stopping me. After questioning me I was ordered out the car, given a field sobriety test (which the officer didn't think i did so well on) and then arrested for OWI. My PBT was 0.00, which led the officer to suspect I was on drugs instead. Once booked, I agreed to take a drug test and while the results are pending, they will be negative as I do not do drugs. I was simply in an unfamiliar area and my driving may have momentarily reflected that which resulted in me being given a ticket for "driving left of center" in addition to the arrest. I was also unnecessarily held for 12 hours due to the belief I was on drugs. While I am sure all charges will be dropped once my blood tests results come back, I am sure that I was profiled for being a minority in a upscale neighborhood. My driving and criminal record is (or was) clean, I have had no prior run-ins with the law. I would like to sue for wages lost that day and impound fees, but I really believe the situation was mishandled and I do not want to settle for an "oops". What should I do?
they might be liable to you for a false arrest. Your biggest issue isn't liability but if damages are sufficient to...
Is Driving while Impaired - Alcohol the same as Driving while Visually Impaired?
I was with the prosecuting attorney during the pre-trial. I was charged with possession of Marijuana and Operating while Intoxicated. We made a deal and agreed to have the charge of possession dropped and drop my charge to Driving while Impaired - Alcohol. I was told of all the fines to expect from the prosecuting which is everything for Driving while visibly impaired. $300 fine, 2 - $500 driver responsibility fees. Restricted Licsense for 30 days. 4 points. I understand the prosecuting attorney can lie to me. I understand I should of had a lawyer, I could not afford one and I was not appointed one due to how much I "made" ($10 an hour) Was I duped to getting a DUI/OWI I never heard the Prosecutor ever say the word "Visibly" although he did write down Driving while Impaired -Alcohol. I am afraid I got duped into getting the charge that has a consequence of $100 to $500 fine and 2 Driver responsibility charges of $1000. 6 points. Suspended license. What do you guys think? If you need any more info let me know and thank you so much. (I know, I made a huge mistake and this charge has turned my life around for the better) Sentencing is tomorrow. I know I will figure it out
It is the same thing, just another way of saying it. Driving While Visibly Impaired is the official charge. It is often...
When can I go for a hearing to reinstate my full license after entering sobriety court in MI for a 2nd dui?
Michigan Sobriety Court and license reinstatement. I received my restricted license after 45 days upon entering into sobriety court. The wording is a bit contradictory as to if it is a year from the date of the license originally being suspended (the standard for not entering sobriety court) or upon completion of the sobriety court itself. I'm looking at moving for a job opportunity once sobriety court is completed and it seems it would be much more beneficial to try for this hearing before I move. Any input on the matter would be much appreciated.
A quick way to know is to get your record from the Secretary of State. It will list your eligibility. Since you do not...