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I was not in the car for more then one hour my car in a private driveway my ex call the police I was arrested for DUI
arrested for DUI can I fitted ?
I would need more information Your driveway is not a public way, which is one element the state needs to prove. You...
If i was given a second chance first offense disposition how can i obtain a hardship license..
I am trying to find out what it is that im going to have to do to get my hardship license at the registry i already am on probation and enrolling in a Dae class and have updated pay stubs showing that i am working..
You need to go with proof of enrollment in the 24D program. Since you received what is called a Cahill Disposition it...
DUI In Massachusetts, I refused the breath test! 180 days suspension of license. Any chance to get this reduced?
Pulled over for failed to dim high beam on a dark road. Officer smelled alcohol, got me out did the field sobriety test in 29 degrees weather and I was under-dressed with a cold. I failed... and failed the non admissible breath test with a .28 I didn't see the actual number. Booked at the station and refused the admissible breath test. 180 days license suspension. I talked to my employer and they decided to keep me employed! They're good people! Is there any deal that I can get that would provide me any kind driving license back?
You MAY be able to get a Hardship License. This type of license would allow you to drive 12 hours out of the day (...
I'm looking to get a hardship license on September 9, 2013 for my second OUI...what should I do?
First, if you have an attorney representing you on the OUI then you should ask him. If you do not have an attorney,...
Is a DUI entitled to public defender? Was arrested 13 yrs ago for dui, and again last night, does old one count?
My son was stopped last night for speeding and arrested for.13 DUI. They let him out $40 bail and he has arraignment tomorrow. We have little money, is he entitled to a public defender? Will the old DUI be held against him?
The probation department will analyze the household income where he lives to determine whether he qualifies for a...
When you have a BAC of .07 and go to bench trial, what does it take to be found guilty usually?
I got pulled over (no erratic driving) and was compliant an able to do what the officer asked like get registration and license, failed the FSTs....blew a .07 at 4am at the station, 3 hours after my last drink. I'm just curious, does this sound like a have to worry about anything at a bench trial?
Based on the facts you have provided, it sounds like you have a fairly strong case. .08 is the legal limit and if your...
Professional license defense
I was an ER nurse for 10 years before I was fired on suspicion on diversion. BON hearing concluded with voluntary surrender. Time has come for me to approach BON. Is an RN JD best? Administrative lawyer? Board certified? I want a TIGER LAWYER who will chew up BON and spit them out! Thank you in advance for any assistance offered.
It's not cheap, but if you want to deal with top notch, go here: