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Can i get license / driving privileges back without interlock device after 1 offense DUI , if its been 3 years ?
i got a dui back in may 2014 and im doing my dui program still, i have about 5 months left
No. You need to first complete the DUI program. However, the DMV seems to vary quite a bit on implementing its...
For how long do i need to have a interlock device on a first offence dui?
first time dui about 3 years old
It depends... but likely 5 months.
Can i be charged for dui if my bac was. 07 and they released me at home?
I was arrested in my truck in front of my house by the sheriffs department. They assumed i was driving because i stepped out of my truck with an empty bottle and my keys but in actuality i was just listening to music. They called the chp and they did the fst and said i passed 90% of them but i was still arrested at the station i toom the breathalyzer test and scored a .07 and was relaesed at my house. Any opinions on what might happen?
If they took you back home without issuing you a citation then you're probably in the clear. However, they could get a...
I am turning myself in tomorow 9-9-2016 and serving 47 days county jail time for driving with a suspended license
How much time will I actually do?
Probably less than 20 days. Good luck.
What can I expect from the court for turning in my proof of completion late for a first offender 3 month DUI program?
The deadline for turning my paperwork in was on 3/9/2016. I thought the program was going to notify the court of my completion, but since I had a trip out of the country coming on 3/23/2016, I decided to check if the program did indeed notify the court. turns out they didn't! So on 3/21/2016 I went to pick up my certificate and went to turn it in. Turns out it had turned into a warrant that same exact day. I had to speak with the judge now. When I was there waiting in the courtroom, the clerk told me I had to go back on 3/24/2016. I told them I had a trip out of the country and already had my plane ticket. The judge stepped in and asked when I was coming back. I told him 3/30 and they set me up for 4/1/2016 (tomorrow). I'm really nervous about the whole thing and I would really appreciate some feedback on this situation. I just want to make things right and comply with everything the court ordered me to do. Thank You in advance
Why not get the lawyer who handled this to come tomorrow, shoot him an email or text.
I think I was wrongly convicted by a jury of first time misdemeanor DUI this past week. its just not fair
I was just found guilty on the B count by a jury in Compton court. I learned a lot during that trial, including how a lot of factors could affect breath instruments. Mental impairment always comes first, before physical impairment, in a DUI case. I was pulled over at 2:20 am. I blew a .12 on the PAS and .10 at the station an hour later. I had just eaten greasy and spicy street tacos, the police officer claimed he saw an object dangling from my rear view mirror a football field away, and saw me doing 35 in 25 zone (yeah right). My lawyer even went through step by step on a chart with the officer, and I was near perfect on all FST (perfect on mental part). I have GERD, and we were not allowed to say so during trial (discovery problem I think). Officer also testified I was veryAlert and aware
You haven't asked a question. Your attorney can file a motion for a new trial and/or you can appeal.
I was found guilty by a jury in Compton of the B count for DUI, hung on the A count. Can something still be done?
I blew over the limit (.122) on the PAS and .10 at the station an hour later. My lawyer wasn't allowed to say I had GERD, and I think that was a crucial thing to exclude from trial (I had proof of diagnosis, which was about 10 months before the events of that nightmarish incident). I had just eaten VERY spicy food not even 10 minutes before being pulled over, and I had 4 1/2 beers one hour prior to being pulled over. Hung jury on count A, the judge declared a mistrial on it. I'm not a criminal, and we even disproved the police report (using the CHP video) of no slurred speech, no watery eyes, and good mental awareness and alertness. The officer himself even testified it was "remarkable" how alert and aware I was. Even went on to say I was the most polite person he's ever arrested. HELP!
Just because you were polite, doesn't mean it's a freebie. Look, you went to trial and lost. It happens. Sounds like...