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I'm 19 years old. I was at a friends, and I had a few alcoholic drinks and then went to sleep in my friends bedroom. I was woken up five hours later by a cop. Apparently, there was a party going on in my friends house. The cop asked me if I had been drinking and I said that I had a few drinks before I went to sleep. He then charged me for public intoxication and minor possession of alcohol. I wasn't in public nor was I in possession of any alcohol. The alcohol I drank earlier that night did not even belong to me. Can I fight these charges? Would it be worth it?
you can and should fight. From your statement, it would be difficult to prove all of the allegations. Please do not...
I recently got pulled over driving a friend's car with a suspended license and also speeding. The cop searched the car and found a little bud of weed smaller than the size of the top of my pinky. I don't even smoke weed or cigarettes and the owner of said weed won't come forward.
What you can do is hire an attorney in your area to fight the charge. All possession charges require an element of...
I live in Oklahoma, I got arrested and charged with a DUI 2 years ago. I have completed my deferred sentence and have completed my 991C expungement process, they said my plea will be changed, record sealed, and can only be accessed through OSBI. If the company I am interning for runs a background check or looks at my driving record, will the DUI show up?
Yes. A 991c is not an arrest expungment. A background through obi for crim. history will show you areezted, charged...
i didn't take the breath test and no sobriety test was given.
If you refused a blood test, your DL will be revoked via the DPS administrative process. You should retain counsel...
He had just been in a college class & stayed afterwards to talk with his prof, who says he was fine. 40 min later arrested. Our problem is.....his court date is this Thursday, but the blood tests results won't be back for a couple more weeks. 1st time arrested....he was in shock.
Even if blood test results do not come back with any substance or alcohol, don't expect the prosecutor to just dismiss....
I just left work and on the way home I got into an accident. They asked me to do a field test and I passed it. I also passed the breathalyzer. I refused the blood test, however considering I passed the other two I didn't think it was necessary. So they took me to jail and had me sign some forms and considering I worked from 8 at night to 10 in the morning and it was already close to noon I did not read the forms. I am not guilty, however since I did refuse the blood test I doubt I can prove that. What can I do?
A lot. Do not rest on thinking that DWI's can't be beat. A good/great DWI attorney can work wonders. Sometimes I...
Troy Mcvickers
I do not believe you can obtain an OK license if you are suspended for life in KS.