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Commerce Crime

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  • Jackson County Blotter

    Friday Jan 29 | via Athens Banner-Herald 

    BURGLARY: On Jan. 24, Deputy Steven Orta met with a couple who were moving out of a house on Galilee Church Road and were in the process of retrieving their property. However, when they arrived they found someone already entered the house and stole numerous items including a computer printer, TV, two Mary Kay cosmetic sales kits, numerous tools, air compressor and several guns including a Marlin rifle, Glenfield .22-caliber rifle with a squirrel etched into both sides of the stock and a 16-gauge shotgun, along with boxes of ammunition for the guns.


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  • Man gets stiff sentence for animal cruelty

    Monday Jan 25 | via 

    A Commerce man was sentenced to 10 days in jail and 12 months of mandatory probation after he pled not guilty to violating the city of Danielsville's animal cruelty ordinance in city court Jan. 18 for transporting a live cow strapped "spread eagle" on the back of a flatbed trailer in late November. Phong Thanh Tran, 43, was also sentenced by city court judge Robert Sneed to pay a $1,000 fine and to perform 100 hours of community service at the Madison-Oglethorpe Animal Shelter.


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Commerce Law

Could i ask a judge to terminate my probation even though i still owe court fees and community service?
court fee:$ 1,119.00 and 68 hours community service still owe
You could but the chance of the court granting your request would be very low. I would recommend that you complete all...
Broke a door (while drunk) and offered to pay. The store owner's wife won't let me talk to him.
If i pay for damages can the victim still press charges against me? The investigator said he would not press charges if I manage to convince them not to. If I pay for the broken door and get them to sign that I did will this all go away? The store owner's wife told me she doesn't know how much it will cost but she wants cash so how do I legally get a receipt that will legally be a civil settlement? Also, If the damage was over 500 it's a felony and under 500 it's a misdemeanor so I want to get this taken care of outside of court
You already posted this question and had it answered. The answer will not change.
DUI probation violation
My husband had got a dui a year back. He missed going to his p.o last month but went on Friday to show proof of finishing dui school. But his p.o said it never went through the system through the dui school so there was a warrent for his arrest. When do you think he'll be able to see a judge and will he do time. He has no bond. Thank you
He should have an attorney go in front of the judge and have the warrant recalled based on the state's clerical error....
Is there any way I can reopen a DUI case I plead guilty to?
I plead guilty to a DUI of 0.092 In July. Now immigration has me detained for it and isn't letting me go because I can't prove to be a good moral character even though I've had a clean record since 1994, when I arrived to the US. Is there any way that my wife can reopen my case and fight to take the DUI off or reduced?
At the time of you plea were you warned of potential negative immigration consequences?
Can a recent DUI cancel my DACA before the expiration date?
I've had my DACA for about a year now, but I recently plead guilty to a DUI in April. Can ICE detain me before my DACA expires? Do I even still have DACA anymore? How do I know if it got cancelled?
I had client in similar circumstances without any immigration consequences.
Received a DUI. How helpful would it be to attend classes/seminars beforehand?
1st time offense. My court date is still a few weeks away and I am wondering how helpful it would be to start attending AA meetings, possibly sign up for a 20 hr DUI class, and maybe attend a Victim Impact Panel before my court date? I want to show that I am remorseful for my actions and want to be proactive about things. What are the odds this will lessen charges? I've spoke with several attorneys but am getting inconsistent answers.
Did you get the DUI in Athens? If so, the facts of your case will really determine if the prosecutor would offer a...
Not listed as a dependent but still receive money from parents. Do I qualify for Public Defender?
Charged with a DUI but can't afford a lawyer (spoke w/several). Not listed as a dependent but my parents help me out with rent, etc. Does this disqualify my ability to get a PD as I do not have any other source of income?
Maybe. You will have to apply in the court and just find out. Good luck to you.