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I was arrested in 2011 and am just receiving notice of future court date today 10/7/2013? What am I to do?
I was arrested in 2011 for a DUI (blew 0.004) under state limit , weaving lanes ,false info and forgery. The forgery charge was dropped in jail, (or so I thought) , and when I went before the municipal "judge" I envoked my right to attorney which pissed him off and he let it be known to me and my girlfriend ( the only two in court). The arresting officer was there but has since quit the force or transferred elsewhere. I heard nothing of the case or anything in nearly two yrs. I get a callback from a job saying the charges were pending on my background and they couldn't hire me. I then called the superior court and sure enough I have a arraignment for November 21 2013. What is my best course of action?
Hire a lawyer. That sounds like a very defensible case. Most lawyers, like myself, will give you a free consultation....
I was convicted of first-time DUI. What do I do if I can't pay the fines and court fees?
I was charged with DUI (drug prescribed for mental health anxiety). The blood test only showed prescribed meds under the prescription limit, and no alcohol. I backed into a truck that was at the gas pump at night in the rain. I was found guilty for my first DUI. I'm disabled, on fixed income (SSI), and can't afford probation and court fees. I am unable to do community service. Is there any way they can make me pay, or can it be waived?
If you truly cannot pay they cannot force you to pay. This is something you are going to have to be very vocal with...
How can I be charged with dui?
I was driving home, I did vear in the other lane hit another car. Impact was on both passenger sides on both cars. I was not given a field sobriety test or breathalyzer when my children got to the scene. The trooper stated he just wanted to give me a blood test. And then put me in handcuffs and put me in his car.
If you were charged then asking us to guess all the important details won't help you at all. Get a good lawyer who...
Can I get a dui interlock system removed early?
This is my second dui, and have finished everything needed of me. Is ere anyway to get this thing taken out early? I mean I have literally changed every aspect of my life. I've lost 180 pounds, quit drugs, and drinking liquor. Please help a brother out.
Not finished yet... When will you get a really good lawyer?
Could I get sued for drunk driving
I crashed my car into a house about 6 months ago into someone's house my insuarance has paid about 29,000 for there hotel and damages and they have about 20,000 left to settle for is there a possibility the people will not settle and want more in court, nobody was injured they say they weren't living life to the fullest in a hotel? I have also spent my time in jail and am still doing classes and paying off my mistake
Read the answers you received for the same question posted just an hour ago.
Can u take drug classes for your second DUI
This will be my second DUI within a year I was not smoking n driving they found a blunt in my car n I took a urine test but I smoked two days before that weed stay in our system for thrity days I'm on probation
Much depends upon your jurisdiction. I would ask a good DUi Lawyer where you were sentenced. You PO will likely seek to...
I got charged with DUI while on probation, what am I looking at in court?
I am on probation for assault. I had 4 years and have currently served 2 years with no trouble until recently. I received a DUI. I have 12 citations. I was drinking/ driving and tried to elude police ended up resulting in a head on collision (no one was hurt). My other charges are no seat belt, failure to maintain lane, reckless driving, open container, dui, being a minor, trying to elude police. What am I looking at in court? I am 20 years old. This is my first DUI.
You're in a bad spot kid. Jail is absolutely on the table with those facts. You're facing a DUI charge and a...