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If my license was revoked in Oregon because of a DUI and I now live in Washington State, can I apply for a hardship permit?
I have had 4 DUI's in Oregon and I got my last DUI in Oregon in 2008 and I now live in Washington. I can not petition the court for my license until May 2018. I need to be able to get back and forth to work and was wondering how I go about obtaining a hardship permit in Washington when my DUI and revoked license happened in Oregon.
From what you have included here in your statement/question it looks like you wouldn't be able to get a WA license. If...
Probable cause
Arrested for dui, after being pulled over for crossing center line on a real narrow, snow covered road where center line isnt visible. Is this still probable cause or could a defense attorney raise these issues, along with pictures in the defense
Of course a defense attorney could raise this to challenge probable cause. Whether that will be sufficient to convince...
Upon completion of withheld judgement DUI in Idaho . . clearing Washington's driving record listing conviction ?
I am approaching the successful completion of my probation required for my withheld judgement DUI in Idaho . Following that , the case will be dismissed . I'm a resident of Washington , so at the time of the guilty plea the court notified Washington DOL . I plan to have the records expunged in Idaho , but how do I clear my drivers record in Washington ? As it is listed now as " Conviction from Idaho Court " with attached ( 5 yr ) probationary license , ( 3 yr ) SR22 and interlock requirements .
The things you would have to do is contact DOL at 360-902-3900 and talk to a representative about what you would have...
Whats the likelyhood of a reduced charge after a dui arrest, and avoiding license suspension?
Iam a commercial driver so the loss of my license for any period of time essentially kills the career ive had all my life. I recieved 2 dui's nearly 20 years ago and subsequently quit drinking. This last year has been full of personal termoil, recently my sponsor from aa moved and i tried & tried but eventually relapsed. I stayed at home but last night after not drinking for nearly an hour i decided too go pick up a pizza. I was stoped, and arrested for dui. I was booked, and released on my o.r. i have proof of my aa attendance, and have not been in trouble at all . Is it possible that i can avoid dui charge and license suspension?
The answer to your question is going to depend on local laws. The fact that you have had previous DUIs may be a major...
Can Washington state suspend a B.C. license if a Canadian citizen, resident alien in Washington gets a dui in Washington?
I am a resident alien in Washington state. I am a Canadian citizen and work in canada but live in Washington and commute every 4 days. I recently got a dui in Washington. I have no prior. I got a letter from the DOL for my license to be suspended. I only have a B.C. license.
WA can certainly not authorize you to drive in WA. If you are caught driving in WA after your driving privilege has...
Does a traffic infraction for an open container violate probation for a DUI
Does a traffic infraction for an open container violate probation for a DUI?
A traffic infraction doesn't generally violate a DUI probation. However, the answer to your question truly depends on...
I need my dui reduced to reckless driving
I blew .14 Went to my first hearing and the prosecutor offered me the min fine and only on day in jail I went for my alcohol assessment me I was told I had 0 of the 11 triggers and was told I need to go to just one 8 hour class. I did not hit anyone or anything. I got caught swerving and speeding. What is the likelihood of getting this reduced to reckless driving? What do I need to do to make that happen?
The only way for a reduction to occur is to be represented by an experienced DUI defense attorney who will be able to...