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Is a DUI lawyer necessary in a dmv license hearing and how long does it take the dmv to hold the hearing once its requested?
Two DUIs, I was able to request a hearing as of yesterday so I've called the dmv and requested a hearing. They said they would mail me a letter whenever they decided to set up the hearing. Does anyone know how long it typically takes from the submittal form until they actually hold the hearing? And the bigger question, is an attorney advised in this situation? 2 DUIs, license suspended for 4 years, hearing requested after 2 years.
If you got those convictions in NC, they were for DWI's. How long does it take? Maybe 2-4 weeks before you get a...
DUI in another state please help!!!
My husband got a dui in October of 2010, which is almost 5 years ago. We live in North Carolina but he got the dui in South Carolina . Long story short he went to court , he was convicted and was told to pay fees and fines by the end of the day ( which he did) , and also sign up for a aa class within 30 days or he would go to jail for 30 days . He signed up for aa classes within the 30 day dead line and completed the class within a year. His license were suspended in from feb 2011 to August 2011, which we got through! So now here it is time to renew his license because they are dead and the nc DMV tells us South Carolina has a block on them .!!! We payed the $100 reinstatement fee to scdmv. He did was he was ordered! Called every number everyone sends us to and no luck!
I am not licensed in South Carolina or North Carolina, but I suspect the problem is that your husband did not file the...
Where can I take DUI classes for a full day instead of two hours at a time? I need to do 20 some hours.?
Got DUI Rutherfordton county nc last year. Need to take assessment again because it's been longer then a year. After classes and all fines and tickets (speeding & tags) get paid I can receive my lisence again.
I am unaware of any providers of either ADETS (16 hours) classes or short-term (20 hour) treatment anywhere in NC who...
I got a dui in nc and i live in sc how does this affect me?
i got a dui in nc and i live in sc my conviction date was sept 29 2014 i didnt blow and they didnt process my blood work i just plead quilty. how does this affect my driving privledges in south carolina
I am not licensed in either South Carolina or North Carolina, but the two states do share information about such...
I was arrested and charged with a DUI in SC and blew above the limit. I want to avoid jail time, and want to know what to do!
I have never been arrested before and only have gotten a ticket once, over ten years ago for not wearing a seatbelt. Currently I live in NC (just moved there) and my license is from MI. I'm not familiar with SC law. When arrested this weekend it was in SC and they took my license and I expect it to be revoked at my court date which is February, 18th, 2014. But I do not want to go jail, and I've read that is plausible if you are above the legal limit on the breathalyzer. I was. I blew 0.17. I am not sure if I should get a public defender or a lawyer. I feel as there is no doubt that I was in the wrong, and I'm not sure how to argue for leniency in court. Any advice would be very appreciated! Thank you! Also my Miranda Rights may not have been read completely read to me.
You may want to post this in the South Carolina Forum as you will need a South Carolina attorney to assist you on this...
My cousin was charged with driving while impaired (NCGS 20-138.1) and reckless driving (NCGS 20-140B). What are the penalties?
Essentially what I am wanting to know is what are the penalties he will be facing? He totaled his car, took out two mailboxes, and had a passenger with him (one of our friends, and his age is 24). He received his charge on June 24, 2013 and he refused to get a lawyer because he believes it wouldn't do him any good. So, how big of grave has he dug for himself?
Not a grave, but he's making a major life decision. His stubbornness will guarantee a sentence that will dog him for...
18 year old Driving after Consuming Under Age 21/Driving Too Fast for Conditions
I was on my way home from the party at about 330 am, it had just finished raining a couple hours prior to me leaving, and I was using the GPS because I was not familiar with the roads. My phone was in the floorboard and It started to ring because my friend was texting me to see if i made it home okay so I leaned over the console to pick it up from the passengers side, when I reached down to get the phone I remember looking back up at the road and thats when I saw that I was going into a sharp curve. I remember thinking if I didnt do something I was going through the fence into someones pasture. So, naturally my instincts kicked in so I breaked pretty hard and turned the wheel towards the curve. This is where I messed up because I was not thinking about the roads being wet. The truck then started spinning out of control, it did a complete 360 degree circle turn, this was when the tires caught the grass on side of the road and then pulled the truck to the left. The truck ended up fishtailing the embankment which finally made the truck come to a complete stop. I was in shock because I could not believe what had just happend. So I called my friend to tell what was going on, and she decided to come make sure I was alright. I sat there for probably 10 minutes waiting for her, so when she finally arrived I got out of the truck to see if i damaged anything. Other to what was already damaged on the left side before the accident, I noticed that the two left tires were off the rim, the taillight and headlight was broken, and I had also made some pretty deep scratches and put a dent on the body. So I told my friend that there was no chance of me just changing a tire and leaving because both of the tires were off the rim, so I then proceeded to calling my dad to come help me. About ten mintues after I finished having a convorsation with my dad, a North Carolina State Trooper comes around the curve where I had lost control of out of no where. He then slowed down one he got closer to where we were and put on his blue lights. He stopped on rolled down his passenger side window and asked what was going on, I of course pollietly explained that I didnt know the road so well, that the road was still pretty slick from the rain before I had left, my cellphone was in the floorboard and it began to ring, so I reached over to pick it up and then the next thing I knew the truck lost control, etc. He then told my friend and I to back away from the car, so we did, and he ended up parking up the road with the lights still on. He then came back down to where we were standing and then I began to show him the damage to the tires. Thats when another police car showed up and he then asked me if I had a towing company on the way. I told him I did not but my father was on his way to help me out, so thats when he asked me if I have had anything to drink that night, and I responded with a no, hoping that he would not make me to blow. Thats when he then told me to stand at the front of the truck until he got back from his car. So I did what I was told and he showed back up with a breathalizer. I had never been tested for DUI before so when he asked me If he could check to see what I blew I told him yes. He told me that I blew a legal limit for a person aged 21 or older, but since I had a traceable amount of alcohol in my system he was going to put me under arrest. My dad finally showed up before he took me to jail, and the officer told him to meet us there. Once we got to the station, my parents came back while they did my proccessing. He then told me I had to take another test to confirm the alcohol in my system. It was called intox, I first blew a .07 and then I blew a .08 but he reported an AC of .07. I was then relased under the custody of my dad and told I couldnt drive in NC for 30 days. The charges are driving after consuming under 21 and driving too fast for conditions. My mom also had no insurance on me covering truck. What will be the outcome at court?
While I don't practice in your state, here is my take on your questions. First, you should not, under any...